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Victorian Age Gender Roles

The longest-reigning monarch in British history, Queen Victoria, inspired the name of the Victoria period (1837–1901). Due to Britain's vast global empire, which included a quarter of the world's people, it is a significant historical period. There had been a significant social change at the moment. In Britain and other...

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What does George Orwell’s Burmese Days tell us about the nature of the British Empire?

She was able to impose her supremacy over various regions around the world through military and economic means, which greatly contributed to the expansion of the British Empire. It was able to accumulate enough wealth through the economic exploitation of largely uncivilized communities in America, Asia, and Africa to develop...

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18th-century England Class System

Henry Hooper's essay, Thoughts on the Aristocracy of England, heavily borrows from its title for its primary subject. As a result, the article's subject is: An examination of the English nobility that is both critical and informative. The author provides a thorough study and description of the aristocratic ideologies and...

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Stephen Greenblatt's ‘The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century’

The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century by Stephen Greenblatt started in 1660, the year King Charles II was reinstated to the English throne. According to Stephen Greenblatt, the revival took place between 1660 and 1785. The unification of England, Scotland, and Wales as one country, known as Great Britain, was...

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Great Britain colonies

King George III oversaw the colonization of the United States by the British Empire. The colonists from America were mistreated by his government. For instance, American citizens were required to pay taxes and were denied the ability to deal with nations other than Britain. The colonists, however, were not entitled...

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England shifting from being a Catholic country to a Protestant stronghold

England underwent a change from being a Catholic nation to a Protestant bastion between 1530 and 1580. By the close of this time, it had transformed into a land of anti-papal activity and whitewashed chapels. This faith shift had an effect on the entire nation, from the cities to the...

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The episode from the History of Britain

Since the industrial revolution began in Britain a century before it did in any other country, it is safe to say that it was the first country in the world to go through it. A number of social, economic, and natural factors contributed to the industrial revolution in Britain, which...

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17th-18th Century British Literature Discussion Question: Critical Review

The authors from the two centuries use the English language in very different ways. One is initially plain and clear, whereas the other is convoluted, challenging to follow and understand, and replete with metaphors. The essays by John Lock and John Dryden from the 17th century fall into the latter...

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Identities in sports, gender, and culture

Since Britain colonized India and India gained its freedom, women have been systematically marginalized in practically every aspect of society. Similar to this, sports became one of the main contexts where discrimination against women flourished and powerfully showed in illustrating gender inequities in a male-dominated culture. The situation in the...

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A Guide to British History

Britain's history spans hundreds of thousands of years and has seen a great range of social, societal and political changes. It has also been the setting for many landmark events, including the Roman invasion and the emergence of the Tudor dynasty. The earliest known humans arrived in these lands around 900,000...

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Artist's Essay by Damien Hirst

One of the most gifted artists in British history is Damien Hirst. His approach to painting, however, is unusual and perplexes many, leading them to wonder if his creations are genuine or only illusions. Damien's work obviously takes a severe approach to humor, but at least everyone can agree that...

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