Essays on Revolution

Causal Analysis of the Arab Spring

The rise of the Arab spring has been attributed to a number of factors, most of which are related to the nature of governance, economic status, and lack of sufficient opportunities for employment. This dissertation seeks to investigate external factors which were responsible for instigating the revolts and sustaining them....

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The Cuban Revolution

The Cuban Revolution and Its Impact on Poverty The most cited and discussed subject about Cuba's history was the Cuban Revolution. Many stories have been written describing the traumatizing experience that people went through at the time of the revolution to deliberate on the political and social institutions and the way...

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Thomas Jefferson, Karl Marx, and Johnson's Functional Theory

Thomas Jefferson and Revolution Thomas Jefferson understood the need for revolution as well as an authentic Constitution. Jefferson's views on revolution were through his proposal for a little rebellion in the political world because it would help to create a functional government (Jefferry, " Boccanfuso, 2012). Through his book Declaration of...

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The Social Media Revolution in the 1960's and Today

In the essay titled Small change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted written by Malcom Gladwell, the author talks in depth about how different the Revolution was in the 1950's and 1960's as opposed to today's Revolution.  The Author talks in depth about the dangers of...

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Zinn, Howard. A People's History of the United States

I was fascinated by the American Revolution (1763 1789) and the Industrial Revolution (1876 1900) before I even started reading this novel. I was interested in learning the specifics of how the American Revolutionary War began and developed into a global battle. The knowledge of the revolutionary war, in my...

Words: 1914

Pages: 7

History of the western civilization

The Transition of European Nations The transition of the European nations from the medieval era s practices to modernity occurred during the period of western culture. The period was when the area surpassed other parts of the globe in terms of economic dominance. Examining the Rise of the West The study examines the...

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Pages: 18

Era of Revolutions in America and France

A revolution is a violent uprising A revolution is a violent uprising of people with the goal of bringing about structural changes by toppling the existing government and reshaping society from one historical era to the next. Both France and America have historically undergone revolutions, the ideological processes of which placed...

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Review of "Revolutionary Iran: A History of the Islamic Republic" by Michael Axworthy.

Michael Axworthy's book A History of the Islamic Republic Michael Axworthy's book A History of the Islamic Republic, which covers the period from 1979 to 2009 when Iranians protested for a democratic government, acts as a guide through recent Iranian history. The time frame can be seen as a crucial point...

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The definition of revolution

A Revolution: Changing Societal Structures A revolution is characterized as a fierce uprising with the primary objective of establishing a new societal structure. The French Revolution and the American Revolution are two prominent uprisings that have occurred around the world. These uprisings' primary goals, according to a thorough analysis, were to...

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Revolution of 2011 in Egypt

The world has seen a steady increase in revolutions, which have drastically altered the social and governmental structures. People who support revolutionary movements want to see equality in government and the economy, as well as structural changes. Millions of people have been enthralled by the French, American, and Russian revolutions...

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The Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution The Mexican Revolution was a protracted, bloody armed conflict that resulted in the most significant changes to Mexican society and political leadership in the nation's history. Specifically between 1910 and 1920, the twentieth century saw the Mexican Revolution. Following the conclusion of the 1910 general election, which Madero...

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Koryo people

The shared feeling of identity among Koryo people The shared feeling of identity among Koryo people sets them apart from other people. For instance, Koryo became well-known thanks to the Myoch ong revolt, which took place in the year 1135. However, the rebellion has encountered a variety of viewpoints...

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