Essays on Cuba

Cuba essay is about the largest island of the West Indies and one of the largest islands in the world. It nestles in the western Caribbean on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba essays note that in terms of history, culture, language, and customs, Cuba is similar to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Authors of essays usually mention that Cuba’s territory is 109 884 km2, its population is 11,34 million people. Some essays on Cuba study its geography, other – history, and politics. Cuba's landscapes are very diverse. There are valleys, mountains, and hills. Cuba is a republic and it's ruled by President Miguel Díaz-Canel. You can learn more about this country from our Cuba essay samples. Check out various interesting essay samples below.

Comparison and contrast between Miami and Havana.

Miami is a port city in the United States and one of the most populated places in the country’s south-eastern region. The city is well-known for its commercial and tourism appeal, as well as its location in the state of Florida. Miami first gained public recognition in the nineteenth century,…

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Show’s Impressions

The Exhibition that I attended is “Nkame: A Retrospective of Cuban Printmaker Belkis Ayon” that is curated by Cristina Vives. Belkis Ayon was Cuban visual artist whose artworks targeted on the Afro-Cuban society. Indeed, she was recognized round Cuba for her technique of calligraphy. She often produced massive artworks that…

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The Cuban embargo

The Cuban embargo is known to be one of the longest sanctions imposed on Cuba by the United States and is still in effect. Many commercial operations have been impacted by Cuba’s failure to profit from economic and financial assistance from the United States. The embargo on Cuba has been…

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Cameraman and Cuban Documentary

The paper entails a assessment of ‘Cuban and the Cameraman’ a documentary filmed by Jon Alpert and was launched in 2017 and documents the lives of the Cuban people. Many Americans think of Cuba as a place, and they do no longer think of people. Also, North Korea, East Germany…

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