Essays on Caribbean

The Caribbean Culture

The distinctive characteristics of contemporary Caribbean society result from the blending of European and African culture. One area where we start to notice the blending of European and African traditions is in religion. The Caribbean religions are most strongly influenced by west-African faith, though they are frequently blended with Christianity....

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The Spanish War of 1898

A sequence of images from popular culture portray the Spanish War of 1898; the first and second images tell the story of the United States' involvement in the Caribbean conflict. The editors of the journal piece claim that an American ship by the name of Maine was sunk off the...

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Revolution in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, the country of Haiti's capital, is located in the Caribbean Sea. It became the first sovereign nation with a black president. In the 19th century, it freed itself from French imperial rule. It was the second country in the Americas to achieve freedom after the United States of America....

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The Republic of Haiti Essay

On the Caribbean Sea's Hispaniola Island lays the Republic of Haiti. Due to problems including political instability, corruption, gang violence, a lack of economic opportunities, and weak governance, Haiti has the poorest population in the Western Hemisphere. Researching Haiti's lending institutions, healthcare system, and human capital is the aim of...

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Syncretism: Voodoo and Santeria

Syncretism and the Origins of Voodoo and SanteriaSyncretism is thought to be a religion that originated as a result of the slave trade. Voodoo (or Vodou) and Santeria are the most important syncretistic religions. Syncretism is often thought to have evolved through contacts between Africans and Portuguese, as well as...

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Empire’s Crossroads

This paper offers a summary of the first four chapters of the novel "Empire's Crossroads." The chapters are then linked to the real world and the lives of Caribbean people today. Carrie Gibson's novel, Empire's Crossroads, focuses on Colombus' presence in the region he called heavenly, which included the northern rim...

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The Cay Book Review

Writing a Review of "The Cay" Writing a review of a book that focuses on survival is tough, but it's possible to write an enthralling one with The Cay. This book follows the story of a young girl who gets trapped on an island for ten years, but she survives. It's...

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Comparison and contrast between Miami and Havana.

Miami and Havana: A Comparison Miami is a port city in the United States and one of the most populated places in the country's south-eastern region. The city is well-known for its commercial and tourism appeal, as well as its location in the state of Florida. Miami first gained public recognition...

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Caribbean Island

The Biggest Place I Ever Visited: Orient Bay Beach I would deliberate that the biggest place that I ever visited was the beach when I toured Orient Bay Beach, St. Martin. The Orient Bay is determined on the French side of the island of Saint Martin found in the Caribbean islands....

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