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The Possible Ways of Making a Positive Change Regarding Venezuela's Economic, Political, and Social Crisis

The paper intends to explore the possible ways of making a positive change regarding Venezuela's economic, political, and social crisis. The country faces problems of soaring rates of crime, medicine shortages, as well as an increasingly authoritarian executive. In reality, Venezuela's woes result from the years of the economic mismanagement....

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The State of Venezuela: A Dictatorship

Venezuela's Transition from Democracy to Crisis Venezuela has had a transition from democracy in the year 1958 to the country’s deepening political crisis that occurred in the mid-1990s. Notably, the strong democracy transition and the deepening political crisis of Venezuela have attracted major attention from scholars. The country’s economy of petroleum...

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Economic Crisis in Venezuela

Venezuela is in its third year of a recession. According to the International Monetary Fund, the country's GDP would contract by another 10% this year (IMF). In an optimistic scenario, the IMF expects that Venezuela would be in a recession until 2019. While the country's economy is contracting, consumer prices...

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Forcier in Venezuela

Venezuela's Humanitarian Crisis Venezuela's situation might be described as a humanitarian crisis because so much has happened during the election period in 2016. Poverty has increased, the economy has depreciated, and the political crisis has worsened. With this in mind, this country ranks as one of the worst in South America...

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Venezuela Dictatorship

On the northern coast of South America is a nation called Venezuela. Mr. Maduro is the president of Venezuela, and he presides over it under a federal republican system as its main form of government. However, Mr. Maduro primarily favors a shift from the national Republican party to an open...

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Venezuela’s Crisis Explained

What are the primary causes of the crisis in Venezuela and what is the position of Nicholas Maduro's government with regard to the issue as described in the YouTube films "Venezuela's Crisis Explained" and "Top 10 Facts about Venezuela Crisis"? What does he mean when he declares "the state of...

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About Dictatorship in Venezuela

Venezuela's Dictatorship My presentation is about Venezuela's dictatorship. During my investigation, I was able to determine how Hugo Chavez, the country's current president, began his reign. I was also able to obtain information about the country's present economic and political situation. Finally, I identified some viable solutions to the oppressive era. Chavez's...

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Causes of the Political Divide in Bolivia and Venezuela

Since the 1800s, the planet has undergone tremendous change. Change has arisen in all fields, resulting in a society that is somewhat different from the world in which our forefathers existed. Some of the most significant developments have arisen in the areas of science, medicine, and human rights. Slavery was...

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Political problem in Venezuela

Venezuela is a populous South American country located on the continent's northern coast. Its neighbors include Columbia, Brazil, Guyana, and the Trinidad and Tobago islands. It is well known for the oil deposits it possesses. Venezuela, along with a few other countries, is a leading oil exporter because of its...

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Facts About Venezuela That May Surprise You

When we talk about Venezuela, what comes to mind? The capital of Caracas, its national bird, its oil exports to the United States, etc. But before we move on, it s important to understand a few facts about Venezuela. This article will help you learn about the country s capital, its...

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