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Causes of the Political Divide in Bolivia and Venezuela

Since the 1800s, the planet has undergone tremendous change. Change has arisen in all fields, resulting in a society that is somewhat different from the world in which our forefathers existed. Some of the most significant developments have arisen in the areas of science, medicine, and human rights. Slavery was…

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Political problem in Venezuela

Venezuela is a populous South American country located on the continent’s northern coast. Its neighbors include Columbia, Brazil, Guyana, and the Trinidad and Tobago islands. It is well known for the oil deposits it possesses. Venezuela, along with a few other countries, is a leading oil exporter because of its…

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Facts About Venezuela That May Surprise You

When we talk about Venezuela, what comes to mind? The capital of Caracas, its national bird, its oil exports to the United States, etc. But before we move on, it’s important to understand a few facts about Venezuela. This article will help you learn about the country’s capital, its people,…

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