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Australia’s Population Policy and Future

There have been discussions about the potential problems faced by Australia’s growing population. Australia’s population is projected to reach 35 million by 2050, making it the country with the fastest-growing human population among high-income countries. The fact that births outnumber deaths is the most significant factor driving population growth in…

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Background on the Policy

The policy is available in both electronic and hard copy formats to the general public. As the course of action should be population-based, the availability of public participation platforms has enabled experts to continue integrating views. Background on the Policy From an Epidemiological Standpoint The topic of health inequality is…

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Persistent health inequalities between the native and non-native populations in Australia

There have been discussions on why there are persistent health differences in Australia between native and non-native populations. As a result of the various studies, the focus has shifted to social factors as the primary causes of rising health disparities. Discrimination, lack of access to primary health care, and inadequate…

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People’s Location and Social Disparities

Various cultures have become ethnically diverse over the decades, and with the high influx of immigrants across the world, this trend is expected to continue (Veldhuizen et al., 2017, p. 2). In Australia, the pattern is particularly noticeable in the Cabramatta suburb of south-western Sydney, which has one of the…

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River Regulation in the Murray-Darling River Basins

The Mullay-darling basin is a massive topographical area in southeastern Australia. The basin’s name is derived from the two major rivers, the Darling and Murray. It is one of the country’s most important agricultural sites, draining roughly one-seventh of the country’s dry land. The water catchment area encompasses most of…

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Heart Failure Caregiving in South Australia Health Omnibus

Because of the rising number of heart failure cases among the elderly, which can easily lead to death, it is becoming more important for the South Australian Health Omnibus to be prepared to deal with such emerging issues. According to the survey, approximately 373 respondents (2.0 percent of the total…

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Pacific Rim’s Southwest Anchor – Australia and New Zealand

A relative location is one that is defined solely in relation to another location. The transportation and communication networks have recently changed to be more direct, and contact between nations has increased significantly as a result of the simpler ways to travel between either country in a short period of…

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Long Way Home Analysis

The book A Long Way Home is a chronology detailing how the Indian author in Australia, Saroo Brierley, seems to have a normal and well-adjusted lifestyles in Australia. Published in 2014 by the Penguin Publishing Group, it has 272 pages focusing on travel in India, Australia and South Asia. It…

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Whistleblowers Safeguarding

Despite whistle-blowers exposing unethical behaviors, dishonesty, and misconduct in organizations, they often face persecutions. Does Australia offer sufficient guards to protect whistle-blowers? Opening Paragraph (Including Thesis Statement) The Australian authorities provides equal protection to its citizens beneath various Acts regulating undividual rights. Even though whistle-blowers appear as sources of conflicts…

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Australia’s Youth Unemployment

Australia’s Youth Unemployment After the Great Recession, unemployment has risen. Underemployment and long-term jobs have also risen. Young people have done worse in the labor market since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) than the older population. In Australia, youth unemployment and NEET rates have appeared to be lower than in…

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Europeans invaded Australia barring regard to the will of Aborigines, and they declared it unoccupied when they first arrived there. The natives were driven away from their properties and children were taken away from parents. It used to be an episode which turned out to be known as a stolen…

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The Industry of Beer Manufacturing

The aim of this specific study was to examine the beer industry in Australia in detail. This paper will be used as a case study by Carlton & United Braweries (CUB). The company’s headquarters is in Melbourne Victoria, Australia, Carlton & United Braweries is a beer company operating as a…

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