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The Meritocracy System in Australia

Attainment of higher education correlates with individual’s abilities in terms of talent and hard work. However in Australia this is not the case since political, economic and races influence the suggested meritocratic system. Social economic demography for instance opposes the suggestion. According to records, it’s evident that rich families get...

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The Impact of the Invasion of the European on Contemporary Indigenous Australia

Colonisation and the invasion of the non-indigenous population to a native land have been associated with changes in culture, religious activities, political structures and the socioeconomic status. Australia has presented evidence to such claim due to changes that the community has undergone since the British invasion. Even though the British...

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Cultural Patterns in Australia

Cultural Patterns in Sydney, Australia Cultural patterns are a system of social beliefs and values that work hand in hand to provide an intelligible perspective for observing the world. From the previous observations done in Sydney Australia, we can comfortably have a clear analysis and interpretation of the noticeable cultural patterns...

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Cultural Diversity in Australia

1. My family has always had come-together gatherings every Sunday as a tradition for embedding unity. I grew up respecting other people’s cultures and tradition. My views forge unity and encourage pride in diversity. Traveling to different regions and appreciating other cultures can support one in...

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National Security and Individual Rights in Contemporary Australia

Liberal democracies such as Australia are struggling to establish a balance between the demand for national security and individual rights. On one hand, individuals ought to be given vital human rights that accords to the rule of law such as privacy and on the other one, the government must protect...

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Role of the Australian Party System in Australia's Parliamentary Democracy

The Australian parliament representation democracy is considered one of the few great representation models globally that have shown resilience, flexibility, and stability which are key requirements for a prosperity of the democratic values. The country’s system has been influential in the promotion of transformation of both the constitutional and political...

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Importance of National Security in Contemporary Australia

Liberal Democracies and the Balancing Act of National Security and Individual Rights Liberal democracies such as Australia are struggling to establish a balance between the demand for national security and individual rights. On one hand, individuals ought to be given vital human rights that accords to the rule of law such...

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Application for a Genuine Temporary Entry Visa

I hereby seek to be granted a Genuine Temporary Entrant visa, as I seek to extend my education in your great country, in the accompaniment of my spouse. In my bid, I seek to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Being a Filipino citizen, I believe that I can immensely...

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Is Australia an egalitarian society?

Sociological imagination was developed by an American sociologist C. Wright Mills in the year 1959. The ideology describes the type of insight that is provided by the discipline of sociology. The term is often used in introductory sociology text books to explain the actual nature of sociology as a discipline...

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The Potential of China as the New Market for Kangaroo Meat from Australia

Kangaroo meat is mainly a product of Australia. The meat comes from free-ranging kangaroos including the red kangaroo, common wallaroo, western grey kangaroo, and eastern grey kangaroo species. Notably, not many Australians consume kangaroo meat although the number has been rising gradually over time. This is as a result of...

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Sustainable Residential Development Projects in Australia

Australia is able to create a favorable environment for its citizens as well as for the growth of its economy by undertaking some changes in its residential development projects. By so doing, Australia will have sustainable residential projects that have no negative impacts on the environment. The elements to be...

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The Brisbane Metro Bus Rapid Transit Project

Brisbane Metro remains to be a crucial component of the Council’s plan to ensure that the citizens get home in a timely manner. Furthermore, it is a system which is aimed at ensuring that there are multiple travel options for the public, while at the same time reducing congestion and...

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