Essays on Australia

the cities report

New York is arguably one of the most populous cities in the world, not just in the United States, but it is subject to scrutiny. Meanwhile, Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is relatively populated and has a vibrant nightlife that is important for science ( n.d.). In this respect, it is…

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Creative Brief: Sukin – Australian Natural Skincare

Sukin – Australian Natural Skincare, an Australian cosmetics company, was created in 2007 with the aim of creating an inexpensive environmentally friendly, and natural skincare solution. The company, which was established in Melbourne, Australia, aims to provide environmentally friendly solutions. One of the primary motivations for Sukin ads is to…

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Plebiscite of gay marriage in australia

In Australia, a national plebiscite has a very specific definition. The plebiscite is a referendum of voters on any issue of national interest that does not concern the Australian constitution (Holmes, 2011). Plebiscites are typically advisory in nature, and the results do not compel the government to take action. It…

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Teaching and religion

Among Australia’s many faith communities and denominations, Christianity is the historical movement that has withstood the test of time. It has attracted a diverse demographic from a variety of denominational denominations with distinct values and a rich tradition. In 1788, a fleet of Christian Catholics arrived in Australia (Carey, 2009)….

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In The Park Poem

“”In The Park” is an fascinating poem written by Gwen Harwood from Australia and a known poet. The poet was delivered up in Brisbane but born in the suburb of Taringa. The poet has a taste of writing poems with the focus of girls in the society especially young women…

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Australian Criminal Justice System

Under the national government of Australia, the territories have the responsibility and powers to the majority of social problems affecting the residents. The parliament has the authority to make laws on these social issues. Legislative powers of criminal justice are given to the six states and two territories. Thus, there…

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