Essays on Public Transport

the rail system

The train system in the United Kingdom was nationalized in 1948 by the Atlee government, but it was privatized in 1993 by John Mayor. For many years, there has been a struggle to get the system into the public's hands. Plaid Cymru and Green are currently the only leaders campaigning...

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Writing a letter to a United States Senator and a member of the House of Representatives concerning concerns

I'm writing to express my concern about the situation of transportation in California. This state cannot support a thriving economy or middle class if its highways are congested. Within California, it is now impossible to move commodities or people efficiently from one location to another. Now that we are no...

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Benefits of sustainable Public Transportation

People all over the world are becoming more mindful of the importance of lowering their carbon footprints. Most people do basic activities such as shutting off lights as they leave a room or not keeping the water flowing while brushing their teeth. However, fewer people have taken the initiative to...

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