united states and united kingdom constitution

A constitution maps out the state's rules and frameworks, stipulating the powers of government agencies as well as the relationship between the government and other central authorities. Furthermore, constitutions list the liberty and privileges of its people, and in doing so, it develops rules as well as limits and obligations...

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UK - A Federal State

The question of whether Britain has been a federal state has long been discussed. Tony Blair initiated the establishment of devolved parliaments and councils in states such as Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland (Wollmann & Kuhlmann, 2014). There have also been reports that, with the presence and power of the...

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Breaking the Anti-Immigrant Fever

Trump has recently issued a ban on numerous people from different countries entering the United States. The countries that have been most affected are those with a clear Muslim history. The two articles have found that it important to discuss the current issues that face this Islamic states, the effect...

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puerto rico a U.S. state

In the United States, the mechanism by which a territory becomes a state is very complex. According to Article IV, Section 3 of the United States Constitution, only Congress has the authority to grant statehood to a territory. Furthermore, the establishment of new states or the separation of existing states...

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NASCAR: A Symbol of American Culture

NASCAR, a curious word that ignited my intrigue when I first came across it. As such, the word has been widely used by people in the southern states. While listening to the conversations of the people I was sitting next to, it became clear that NASCAR was a concept of...

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State funds

State funds can be described according to the Governmental Accounting Board as the funds that are formed by the government through tax activities. State funds accounting is commonly utilized to account for tax-supported (I.e., state) activities. The state funds are categorized in terms of five categories. First, the certain revenue...

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Federalism and McCulloch V. Case Debate in Maryland

In the Constitution, the concept of federalism is laid down to abolish the sharing of duties between the government and the states by creating a balance between them. In the constitution, it is often considered important for its attempt to help people recognize the obligations delegated to the federal and...

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