Essays on Transportation

Northwest Arkansas Economic changes

Northwest Arkansas is one of America's fastest growing and most dynamic regions. People are welcome to enjoy all of the experiences offered in the Northwest section of the Natural State, whether they are visiting for business or pleasure. The region's historic downtowns and dynamic entertainment districts have been acknowledged as...

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The regulation of railroads

Railroad regulation began in the late nineteenth century as a result of the recognition that railways controlled the transportation business (Gómez-Ibáez, J. A., & de Rus, 2006). Around this time, the automotive and aviation industries were in their infancy. As a result, railroads were the dominant mode of transportation for...

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Implications Arising from and Need for Global Connectivity of the Airline Industry

Recent years have seen expansion in the airline business. Due to the nature of the business activities, the industry has been defined by a wide range of dynamics. The airline sector has expanded quickly on a global scale. Unfortunately, steady and substantial profitability is still elusive. According to reports from...

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Railroad sabotaged 1995

On October 9, 1995, a section of the railroad running through the vast desert of Arizona was sabotaged, causing an Amtrak train carrying 268 passengers to derail. One crew member was killed in the disaster, while at least 100 others were injured. The train derailed in the middle of the...

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The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)

The Department of Transportation Act of 1966 established this specialized transportation agency (FRA). It was now one of the ten agencies of the United States Department of Transportation concerned with two or more modes of transportation, known as intermodal transportation. This organization's objective is to provide a safe, dependable, and...

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The Applied logistics technology

The enormous expansion in the global population that travels by air has produced a massive demand for commercial aircraft and aerospace production. This backlog has permitted the production of planes in a timely, efficient, and lucrative manner in order to fulfill market demand (Anandan, 2017). As a result, the use...

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E-business security/ E-commerce

The internet is the greatest technology that man has ever created in every way. Everything has been transformed by the development of the internet, including trade, transportation, and communication. There are countless advantages that the internet has given to society. It is true that everyone in the world depends on...

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Globalization and Wages

The twenty-first century has brought with it a slew of difficulties that have taken over the world. Some examples include, but are not limited to, increased use of technology, ease of conducting business all over the world, development of transportation and communication infrastructure, and global health improvement. Globalization has piqued...

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Transportation Engineering

There are numerous fascinating areas of focus in civil engineering. Yet, one area in which I am becoming increasingly fascinated is traffic engineering. This branch of civil engineering entails the planning, geometric design, and operation of freeways, roads, and streets, as well as the related networks, network terminals, and natural...

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Kings Cross station

Together with St. Pancras, which opened 16 years later, Kings Cross station served as the hub of London's transportation system in the 19th century when it first opened in 1852. (Worthington and Awinda 2014, p. 207). The two locations were very significant in London, and even today, one can still...

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Transit transportation

Transit transportation includes a variety of interrelated modes of transportation such as maritime, railway, road, and air travel. Regional developments and the expansion of globalization have increased the necessity for various modes of transportation to improve their technology in order to attain targeted capacity, including developed systems that fulfill overall...

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The Difficulties of Funding Mass Transit Expansion in Vancouver

Despite the fact that mass transportation has been identified as the most preferred network for all forms of growth in the world's major urban areas, the subject remains highly divisive. All stakeholders, including citizens, would prefer the convenience of public transit. Nonetheless, no one is willing to pay the price....

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