Essays on Invention

Importance of being earnest and oroonko

Our character is solely determined by how we behave and how we enforce our will on those around us. Oroonoko, the African Prince, is captured by the British along with his wife, Imoinda, in the novel. They were living happily on their land prior to the arrival of the British,…

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Research of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Pain, suffering, and havoc are once in a while brought about by invention or innovative creation. Through time, human beings have been on a quest to invent and create some thing different and new. In the process, most of them have ended up disregarding the possible penalties of their acts…

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Word Invention

The English Language is arguably the most developed language on earth, having a phrase for almost anything and everything underneath the sun, which is known to human beings. The language has taken centuries to develop, adopting words for feelings, inventions, discoveries, and natural phenomena from different languages as well as…

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In the 17th century, there was a domestic method of producing goods. The industrial revolution, on the other hand, prevailed. The invention of computers capable of doing the function of a hand tool was one of the most dramatic developments brought on by the revolution. Second, in the nineteenth and…

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internet policy

Numerous scientific inventions have been produced today. These developments have had a significant impact on a number of industries, such as health, communications, transport, manufacturing, defense, agriculture and others. Apparently, the communications sector seems to have been most affected, especially by the growth of numerous applications such as WhatsApp, Skype,…

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Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is well recognized for his discoveries and contributions to the field of electricity. He was born in Milan in 1847 and attended formal education before working as a telegraph operator, where he acquired expertise in electrical fundamentals. Edison, as one of the founders of electric instruments, patented the…

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Texting and Driving

The invention of the mobile phone was a wonderful accomplishment for mankind, but sadly it can be risky, if not used safely. When behind the wheel of a motor car, any practical use of a mobile phone has proved to be a dangerous diversion. Texting while driving is a deadly…

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About thomas Alva edison

Genius is one percent creativity and ninety-nine percent perspiration,” a quotation that was coined during Edison’s lifetime and refers to his outstanding observations. Every individual on the planet, without a doubt, uses at least one of Alva’s inventions, which range from the light bulb to the phonograph. Thomas Alva Edison…

Words: 1685

Pages: 7

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