Essays on Invention

The Invention of Nikola Tesla and the Impact of His Scientific Work

The sources that have been highlighted are related to Nikola Tesla’s work and will be used to back up claims regarding his scientific discoveries and how they have changed the world. Scientist Nikola Tesla is credited with changing the world by creating the alternating current and other electric power-related technologies….

Words: 1657

Pages: 7

Universalism in art

The idea of universalism in art postulates that people have a common sense of what is beautiful and ugly in works of art. All cultures around the world share a common appreciation for artistic characteristics like texture, color, shape, music, speed, and sensory pleasure. Since both traditional and contemporary works…

Words: 638

Pages: 3

The Concerns That Art Historians Have

Any piece of art can be dated in a variety of ways by art historians. This also goes by the name of chronology. If a historian does not already know the date of a monument, they are unable to provide a specific date. However, historians have developed a variety of…

Words: 589

Pages: 3

The Halo Effect on Human Functionalism

Video game development has been accelerating over time. With the rate of technological advancement we are currently seeing, creativity and invention have raised the bar for the sector. Despite the fact that video games have been around for a while, the introduction of the Halo video games cannot be overlooked….

Words: 2175

Pages: 8

Music Pieces- Modern steel drums

Steel drums are a part of the percussion music genre. On Trinidad Island, during World War II, the steel drum was created. A closer examination reveals that they share similar ancestry with the African slaves who labored on Spanish fields in the sixteenth century. African slaves turned to music as…

Words: 622

Pages: 3

Memory and art

Memory in the art can be described as any mnemonic technique or principle that are used to improve recall, used in the invention and combination of ideas as well as to organize memory innovation. Although there isn’t enough information to prove where art memory came from, there are a number…

Words: 1549

Pages: 6


Since the invention of sculptures thousands of years ago, art has been an innate component of humanity. Paintings are a byproduct of the numerous artistic developments that led to the expression of thoughts in the shape of images that take on modern significance through the blending of various paints. This…

Words: 1057

Pages: 4

globalization impact

Economic technological progress has resulted in the migration of people around the world. Both have been facilitated by increased transportation means, as well as improved methods of moving people and goods. Technology has since increased connectivity, allowing people all over the world to communicate more effectively and affordably. Many of…

Words: 1622

Pages: 6

the property laws

In America, intellectual property laws have a variety of rules and regulations aimed at protecting and regulating access to ideas, creations, and creative works. The bill maintains proprietary possession of intangible assets in the same manner as it protects intellectual property ownership in the United States (Bently & Sherman, 2014)….

Words: 615

Pages: 3

the Invention of Linear Perspective by Leonardo da Vinci

Curiosity was the mother of all inventions, so brilliant minds investigated and devised incredible inventions and ideas. Leonardo da Vinci was considered as one of the best inventors and artists to have ever graced western art. Most of his paintings, including the Last Supper, the Mona Lisa, the Virgin of…

Words: 1475

Pages: 6

Leonardo da Vinci’s and the Invention of Linear Perspective

Leonardo Leonardo, born in 1452, is considered as one of the most gifted artists to have graced modern art. Most of his paintings, such as the Last Supper, the Mona Lisa, the Virgin of the Rocks, and the Vitruvian Man, represent his wit and genius. Despite the fact that he…

Words: 1327

Pages: 5

Leonardo da Vinci’s and the Invention of Linear Perspective

“Curiosity is the mother of inventions,” because when combined with a need for wisdom, new ideas are discovered, which, in essence, transform the universe. Leonardo Leonardo, born in 1452, is considered as one of the most gifted artists to have graced modern art. Most of his paintings, such as the…

Words: 1286

Pages: 5

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