Photography: Handheld Cameras

Cameras are taken for granted nowadays; however, they were not always inexpensive, compact, or even that significant. A camera, by definition, is a lightproof object with a lens that captures incoming light and directs it and the resulting image to film in the case of an optical camera or an…

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Film Analysis

Illumination, also known as illumination, is the intentional use of light to produce physical results. This covers both chemical and natural lighting. Lamps, skylights, and also the use of windows and light shelves are examples of popular light sources. Lighting is used extensively in the film Titanic to intensify the…

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About thomas Alva edison

Genius is one percent creativity and ninety-nine percent perspiration,” a quotation that was coined during Edison’s lifetime and refers to his outstanding observations. Every individual on the planet, without a doubt, uses at least one of Alva’s inventions, which range from the light bulb to the phonograph. Thomas Alva Edison…

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