Aristotle's and Plato's Metaphysics

Aristotle's and Plato's MetaphysicsMetaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with elucidating the essence and origins of truth. Metaphysics attempts to justify the explanation for nature's existence and all that is in it. Aristotle defined it as "the first philosophy" and claimed that it is the knowledge that deals with...

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Rear-Wing Stalling Systems- Formula Car Aerodynamics

According to Newton's laws of motion, force is believed to be the cause of the motion. In certain cases, various means of arriving or measuring momentum are used. The method of measuring momentum is favoured because it does not depend on complex forces of mixing between objects, which are often...

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Lucky's tale

Lucky's Story: Navigating Challenges and Discovering Answers Lucky's story is a common example of how to navigate challenges and discover answers while at the same time targeting the main objectives of the game. Practically, the player has to concentrate on the main points in the game to avoid losing out on...

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Uniform Velocity with Motion

There are several divisions of machine mechanics and kinematics is one of them, which deals with and explains the acceleration of a body caused by something. The physical quantities such as position, acceleration, and velocity are its parameters and how they differ over time. When the body moves in a...

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Design and Fabrication of an Automated Object Lifting Jack

With the increase in the technical pace Every day attempts are being made towards the development of some kind of work that has been decremented in the past. Effective and commercially feasible efforts to achieve the desired performance can be made by the introduction of improved modes of architecture. Power screws...

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Energy methods and static mechanics

Gears in Automobiles Gears are used in automobiles to move from the engine crankshaft to the driving wheel axle. They relay the motion from one end to the other. The gears of the automobile sector are used to slow down or speed up the motion of the cars. The mechanism entails...

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