Essays on Electricity

The I-V Characteristics of a Resistor, Light Filament Lamp and Light Emitting Diode

An electric circuit is a system of a conducting path together with a source that creates potential difference in order to maintain the flow of charge. Two of the important characteristics of any circuit are the amount of charge that is flowing and the potential difference that is maintained by...

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The Usefulness of a Cooling Fan

Cooling fans are supposed to bring fresh air into the room. They are designed to rotate using a motor. However, this fan uses electricity to function. Cooling fans can be more useful if they are used to light our rooms by converting the mechanical energy produced by the motor to...

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Investigation of Ohm's Law

When a circuit is closed, the potential difference causes charges to move within the circuit thus constituting current passing through various appliances to perform designated functions. The electrical power generated from the power source is not all utilized as desired as some of the power is lost in the form...

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Fundamentals of AC Circuit Analysis: Voltage Waveforms, Power Dissipation, and Thevenin's Theorem

(a) An AC voltage is described by the equation 푣 (푡) = 푉cos(휔푡 + 휙). Sketch this voltage waveform, and explain the meaning of terms 푉, 휔, 푡 and 휙. Sketch of the voltage waveform. V   The maximum or peak value of the voltage 휔   the angular frequency expressed in radian...

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Analysis of Calculated Values of Time Constant and Capacitance

This section analyses calculated values of time constant and capacitance. The current and voltage of discharging capacitor are measured for a period of 90 seconds and listed in Table 1.1. From this table, voltage is plotted against time as shown in Figure 1.9. Analysis of errors and uncertainties was not...

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Environmental Impacts of Electric Vehicles

In almost all the parts of the word, the need to have a sustainable, high-quality life has been the determinant factor towards the provision of secure and reliable energy supplies across the world (Wilberforce, et al., 2017).  The world constantly strives towards searching for clean sources of power to run...

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Comparison of Battery Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

In the 21st century, the fear of pollution and the cost of fuel are on the rise.  Since the transportation industry is responsible for30.9% of carbon dioxide emissions and 55% of world energy consumption.  The world population is looking to the automotive manufacturers for a cleaner, cheaper, alternative fuel.  The...

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The Final Sleep of Xena

I grinned as I turned to face my sibling. That ought to deter them because the barrier was finally finished. I couldn't help but believe, though, that I was being overly optimistic. We had put in a lot of effort to erect this electric barrier, which was 100 feet tall....

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A standby generator

A backup generator is a must-have for any agricultural enterprise that has automated feeding systems and facilities. The farm management reduces the danger of loss when the commercial power supply is interrupted by investing in a standby generator. The farm can either purchase an engine-driven generator or a tractor-driven generator....

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Adequate lighting questionnaire

Is appropriate lighting provided in the following areas: Driveway Y N? Why is there a garage? Y N Pathways? Y N At all times? Y N Near the garbage cans? Y N Is there any other section of the yard that is used after dark? Driveway Y N Is the driveway paved evenly and smoothly? Y N Is the...

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Erin Brokovich-Corporate Crime

The Story and Social Issues The story centres around a sizable electric firm whose operations pose an ecological risk to the local Californian population because of the seepage of a chromium 6 pollution. In this essay, the Erin Brockovich movie is discussed from many social angles. The analysis specifically makes use...

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Cyber-attack on the United States Power Grid

The Importance of the United States Power Grid The largest physical and digital system connections are found in the electricity grid of the United States of America, which is extremely important to both the daily lives of Americans and the nation's economy. There are currently over 7000 power plants in various...

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