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The Influence of Plato and Aristotle on Religion

The word philosophy comes from the Greek name Philosophia which factually means “love of wisdom”; it meant the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake and comprised all areas of speculative thought, including the arts, sciences, and religion. Aristotle (384-322 B.CE.) was among the greatest philosopher; Plato was another great...

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Plato and Aristotle’s Metaphysics on Later Developments in Religion and Their Influence in Religion Today

MAJOR INFLUENCES OF PLATO’S AND ARISTOTLES’S METAPHYSICS ON LATER DEVELOPMENTS IN RELIGION AND THEIR INFLUENCE IN RELIGION TODAY Introduction The word philosophy comes from the Greek name philosophia which factually means “love of wisdom” it means the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake and comprised all areas of speculative thought, including...

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Aristotle on the Ideal Polis

Over the years there has not been a consensus by political researchers and philosophers on the idea of Aristotle on politics due to differences such as his belief in the inferiority of women and his acceptance of slavery. However, his views on the relationship between the citizens and that of...

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Comparison of Plato and Aristotle

In ancient Greek philosophy, the two philosophers, Plato and Aristotle are prominent proponents of various philosophical schools of thought. Despite Aristotle being highly influenced by his teacher Plato, the two exhibit immense similarities and differences in their articulation of various issues about politics, morality, philosophy and science among others. Evidently,...

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Happiness in Aristotle and Epicurus

Happiness is every man’s desire and as such, human beings are constantly trying to define what happiness is and how it can be achieved. Aristotle and Epicurus are two philosophers who developed theories on happiness and although they both believe that our actions are aimed at achieving happiness, they have...

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Aristotle's Perspective on Good Life

Various Perspectives on a Good Life There are various perspectives that can be adopted while describing the aspect of good life. Some people claim that having a good life is being successful in life pursuits such as career and having a good family. Others describe good life as having the peace...

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Thomas Aquinas: The Union of Aristotelianism and Christianity

1. Aquinas tries to reconcile Christianity with Greek philosophy.  How does he try to do this, and do you believe he is successful?  Why or why not?   Thomas Aquinas has long been recognized or reconciliation Christianity and Greek philosophy. Typically, he is believed to have provided justification...

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Aristotle’s Definition of a Tragic Hero

Oedipus is a play orchestrated by Sophocles, which exemplifies Aristotle's definition of a tragic hero. Aristotle states that a tragic hero is, on the contrary, a respected figure in the society but his destruction is inevitable, "tragedy is an imitation of action of high importance, acted by means of pity...

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The Importance of Educated Minds

The quote by Aristotle: "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" has raised a platform for various debates on how people perceive rationale minds. The statement simply represents the open mind where one acquires the ability to be open...

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What Is an Ethical Dilemma?

Regarding moral ethics, St. Aquinas adheres to two distinct schools of thought. He had a preference for Christian doctrine and eudaimonism from Aristotle. In relation to how they aid or hinder people from achieving their goals, he views actions as either beneficial or bad. Second, St. Aquinas shares the belief...

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American Drama and Tragedy

An ideal tragic hero, in Aristotle's opinion, should make the viewers feel anxious and sympathetic. Aristotle stated: "Pity is aroused by unmerited misfortune, fear is aroused by the misfortune of a man like ourselves" in his analysis of tragic hero deaths. (Rozett 33). According to Aristotle, a tragic figure must...

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Garth Brooks

Dr., you don't have a tablet.For whatever's making this planet illYou cannot purchase forgiveness from a shop.Additionally, peace is a politician's battle.No resolve can be found at the bottom of a bottle.The sun, the moon, or AristotlePeople liking people is the only solution to the issue.That is the adversary of...

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