Essays on Morality

Use your morality essay assignment to expand your knowledge of this interesting subject. Term “morality” derived from Latin “moralis” and means “concerning morals”. Authors of morality essays agree that it’s one of the main ways to regulate human actions. Morality is a collective term for moral views and feelings, principles, goals, and motives of actions. Most essays on morality review its purpose: it helps determine the difference between good and bad, honesty and dishonesty, honor and dishonor, justice and injustice, norm and abnormality, mercy and cruelty, etc. Morality usually implies the presence of an external evaluating subject (other people, society, church, etc.). Our morality essay samples can help you in your work – check out our best essay samples below to get your creative juices flowing!

What should you give- and what should a billionare

Morality depends on cultural traditions, human values, and societal expectations that make up the world in which one develops. Therefore, what to give to support the poor is often a personal decision that depends on the intended intent of the act. The underlying dilemma that crosses one’s mind is how…

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Pages: 3

About Ethical Policing

A system of universal principles that are appropriate as criteria that are competent in a certain field requires ethical policing. The police should respect principles like bravery, allegiance, integrity, and fairness. Whenever they are in a crisis, officers of the law should proclaim their oath to fulfill obligations. Policemen can…

Words: 343

Pages: 2

Natural Law

It is a philosophical statement that acknowledges the connection between law and morality. Theory of the natural law is quite basic. According to the Roman constitution, the Civil Law Body, natural law is a human and animal law. We humans are also tuned so that we are directed by our…

Words: 723

Pages: 3

Religious values and morality

An example of a likely confusion between theological beliefs and ethical principles inside a commonly-held religious belief system is defining the distinction between religious values and morality. Religious values and morality are different belief structures that guide actions. Morality is a term referring to an active manner that controls an…

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Should prostitution be legalized?

As it is unethical and will raise sexually transmitted diseases, the notion of legalizing prostitution goes against the moral values and traditions of general society. While prostitution is contrary to my personal values, I believe that prostitution should be legalized for a variety of reasons in the United States. First,…

Words: 1340

Pages: 5

Ethical relativism

The theory is that morality is proportional to the way in life in society. As such, acts are considered either right or wrong, based on the rules of morality observed in society (Arnold). Individuals who support the philosophy believe in the adoption of common moral principles. There are two types…

Words: 576

Pages: 3

Moral laws

The foundation of moral laws can be regarded as the right action or behaviour. The Virtue Ethics that deal with an individual’s moral acts are based on these laws. Therefore, in Chapter 12 of the book The Aspect of Moral Philosophy written by James Rachels, I respond to the ethics…

Words: 789

Pages: 3

Love is killed by porn

Porn is a societal issue that undermines love, degrades integrity, ruins marriages, fosters violence, and consumes love (Paul 2). There are still no concrete steps in place to counteract the impact of pornography on culture. The following points illustrate the magnitude of the effects pornography has had on culture today,…

Words: 2941

Pages: 11

Struggles with morality and the heart

“What comes from a human is what defiles him. For bad thinking, sexual immorality, theft, murder, corruption, covetousness, wickedness, deception, sensuality, jealousy, slander, vanity, foolishness come from within, from the heart of man. All these bad things come from inside, and defile a human” (Mark 7:20-23) When God created the…

Words: 683

Pages: 3

American Dream pursuit by Loman

The Death of a Salesman embodies the quest for the impossible American Dream. The play not only identifies and discusses problems within a particular family but also delves into wider concerns surrounding basic American ideals. Arthur Miller investigates the blind hope that most Americans have about the American dream. Death…

Words: 1560

Pages: 6

When is censorship justifiable

Censorship can include the denial of knowledge for political, legal, moral, or other purposes. The federal government, for example, does not require book censorship on a wide scale in the United States. When the material includes child pornography or other illicit content, the government steps in. Censorship of books is…

Words: 1334

Pages: 5


Disobedience is purposefully nonviolent because it is the failure to follow a series of laws or principles that are considered to be unfair in order to promote moral consistency. The fundamental contexts in which disobedience may be justified are the need to maintain spiritual dignity and the advancement of constructive…

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