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Strategies for Providing Feedback

Have you ever been on a team in which you noted a problem with teammate work but did not point it out? What stopped you from providing feedback? Now that you have read this chapter, what are some strategies you could use to politely provide suggestion for revision? I work at ABC Ltd,...

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Workplace Diversity as the Tool for Enhancing Organizational Efficiency, Better Decision-Making, and Improved Innovation

The study focused on analyzing workplace diversity as the tool for enhancing organizational efficiency, better decision-making, and improved innovation. It analyzed a variety of articles and journals to gain a comprehensive view of the concept of workplace diversity. Based on the analysis, the proponents of heterogeneity affirm that a diverse...

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The Effects of a Bad Boss on Employees

Employers and managers significantly determine the type of environment in the workplace. A bad boss or a poor working relationship with a manager can bring severe problems to a person’s work life and career development. The employer-employee relationship determines the length and success of an employment contract. Bosses decide the...

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The Duty of Fidelity in the Workplace

When coming on board, employees expect certain things from their employers, while employers expect certain things from their employees. A good employer knows what to give to his employee to motivate them. To start with, an employer has the responsibility of providing a safe place for work. Employees should be...

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Challenges in Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is crucial if an organization is to reach its goals and objectives. Managers have a duty to keep their employees motivated, finding new strategies to boost their employees’ spirits and coming up with solutions to address upcoming challenges involving employee motivation (Kuppuswamy et al. p.7). There have been...

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The High Performance Work System

According to (Bashir et al., 2011), whether it's a developed or developing economy, job satisfaction is paramount. One of the factors that influence the rate of job satisfaction is gender. In most organizations, male employees will always register high levels of job satisfaction compared to the females (Bashir et al.,...

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Workplace Stress Study

The workplace in many organizations has become a stress-filled environment as employees face burdens such as tight work deadlines, lack of job satisfaction, long working hours and also the pressure to perform better than others. According to Grawitch, Gottschalk, " Munz (2006), workplace stress not only affects the well-being of...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of BYOD Programs

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a policy where employees are permitted to bring their devices such as computers and smartphones to the workplace. BYOD is a trend as different enterprises and organizations are investing in its policies (Song, 2014). The workers are allowed to access enterprise system and information...

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Policy for Handling Individual Complaints

Workplace conflict is an inevitable challenge that is faced by every organization as a result of the varying employee backgrounds as well as different approaches towards achieving shared organizational goals and purposes. In a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development in 2015, it was revealed that...

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Employee Motivation

Speech to Inform with mandatory preparation outline Topic: How to maintain employee motivation in the Workplace Purpose: To inform Specific purpose: To inform the audience about how they can maintain high employee motivation levels within the workplace Thesis: Although firms can rely on aspects such as training and development to derive a positive performance...

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The Role of Communication in Business

Communication is a broad concept which is crucial in different setups which encompass friends, family, and most importantly, for business matters. Communication for pleasure always emanates from social reasons where individuals acquire emotional satisfaction and involves various gatherings such as weddings, parties and collective workshops. On the other hand, business...

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Business Stakeholders and Conflict Resolution

In business, a stakeholder is a shareholder who has stakes in your company and whose activities influence the outcome and performance of the business. All stakeholders play a key and critical role in the success of a business firm and in helping the organization sustain its competitiveness. Every business enterprise...

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