Essays on Risk Assessment

Risks in compensation

Paying both new and existing employees should be based on the company's financial health. Utilizing workers' situations for personal gain is unethical. In a same vein, it is immoral to reduce employee pay. Therefore, the company should raise the pay for new hires to about $18 while keeping the pay...

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What the Serbian government is doing in regards to multinational business investment

Recent corporate reforms, political and financial stability, as well as the involvement of the European Union, have all enhanced the investment climate in Serbia. Due to its advantageous position, skilled and economical workforce, facilitated commerce with important markets (EU), and accessibility of investment incentives, investors have considered Serbia as a...

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About Risk Analysis and Preventive Security

The advancement in computational power, particularly among computers, logical programmable units, communications link and networking, artificial intelligence, and robotics, has provided the world with a more efficient and faster way to improve the way we interact, whether by communications or performing complex tasks such as scientific computations, simulations, and even...

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Multinational Corporations Risk Analysis

Danger and Risk in Multinational Business Danger is an event or outcome's uncertainty. Danger is still involved in the execution of a business concept. All businesses, including multinationals, constantly face potential risk, such as natural disasters and economic risks. This is particularly true for multinationals as the complexities of the international...

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