Essays on Quality Management

Planning Strategy Quality Management

Every organization's success is determined on the quality of its products and services. Quality management is a practice that assures the consistency of an organization's products and services. Quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement are the four primary components of organizational quality management. Organizational quality management focuses...

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Understanding of nursing quality indicators

Nursing Quality Indicators Nursing quality indicators (NQIs) are used to assist medical practitioners in maintaining quality in their daily practices. This means that the patients' needs are fully satisfied, ensuring their safety and well-being at the highest quality level of care available. Despite the fact that all healthcare personnel are required...

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rising concerns on the quality of care

There are growing worries about the quality of care provided to patients in hospitals and nursing homes. This has sparked a debate on the elements that influence this quality from both policy and scientific perspectives. To make the topic more understandable, studies comparing various components of care with patient outcomes...

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Essay on history of business

Throughout company history, the initial attempts at quality control have been inextricably associated with inspection. Quality management is defined as the set of measures that an organization takes to ensure that its products are fault-free and meet the needs of its customers (Michel, 2010, p3). This means that before the...

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Advantages of quality tools

To help benchmark processes, support decision-making, and enhance the quality and safety of the process in question, quality tools put resources in the hands of organizations, managers, and employees as a whole. The advantages that some of the most important quality tools can provide are mentioned below.Fishbone Diagram One of the...

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Quality management gurus

The top experts in quality management are Deming, Juran, and Crosby. Deming promoted statistical quality control and acting in accordance with user requirements. He defined quality as having no flaws or little variation. Deming held the view that success can only be attained if the quality, cost, and productivity are...

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Quality management as a competitive advantage

A competitive edge over other companies in the business is given to the company through quality management. Additionally, it helps in determining how much achieved measurements deviate from ideal criteria. Estimation balanced scorecards and Pareto charts are two examples of quality metrics that can be utilized in JIT. The project manager,...

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History of Robinson & Co

Elisha Smith and his brother Phillip Robinson Elisha Smith and his brother Phillip Robinson created this organization in 1958. 2008 marked the company's 150th anniversary (Vallaster, 2017). There are many department stores owned by this company in Singapore and Malaysia. Additionally, in both states, it has Spenser and Marks franchise locations....

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Human Resource Issue: Outsourcing In the realm of human resources, outsourcing is currently one of the contentious topics. Without the need to acquire new permanent employees, outsourcing occurs when a company employs qualified people in accordance with the contract. Because the specialists who are outsourced can perform tasks that are...

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Minority vs. Majority Shareholders

Shareholders and their Rights Shareholders are the different investors who contribute to a corporate entity in order to advance it and reap the benefits of its operations. Despite having the right and opportunity to be involved in overseeing management activities, the board of directors is responsible for protecting the interests of...

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Managing operations

Many businesses strengthen the management of their operations in an effort to draw in new clients and retain existing ones. In order to ensure that their clients receive better services and that the business itself develops more, the managers and other employees of the company collaborate closely. The expanding number...

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Strategy for IMC

Vietnam's Chingay Parade: Preserving Culture and HeritageVietnam is an Asian country which is coupled with various forms of culture and a rich heritage. These form some of the prime tourist attraction points. In a bid to commemorate and to keep their rich culture alive, various events are performed at specific...

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