Essays on Supply Chain Management

Assessment of the importance of power dynamics in global supply chains

Assessment of the importance of power dynamics in global supply chains One of the most important fields of research in global business has been supply chain management. Most experts perceive the necessity to establish this concept as a discipline, similar to other disciplines such as marketing. This is due to the...

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Importance of ERP system for both internal and external integration

SCM's purpose is to create value for end customers and businesses in the supply chain network. Process integration requires organizations to implement process activities both internally and with other companies. Process integration is a difficult process that necessitates readiness and training, as well as skilled and committed corporate partners and...

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IKEA Company Logistic and Supply Chain Management

One of the leading global retailers of home furnishings is the IKEA Corporation. It was established in Sweden in 1943, and it has expanded throughout the years by offering products of the highest caliber. With 298 outlets opened across all of the countries, it has grown into 37 new nations....

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The Relevance of Power Relations in Global Supply Chains

Power has a significant impact on fundamental elements such as cooperation, compliance, commitment, and dispute resolution, all of which influence the connection between buyers and sellers in the global supply chain network. The majority of research contend that the type of relationship and, in particular, the type of supply framework...

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5 supply chain trends happening Now

The article 5 Supply Chain Trends by Robert J, Trent is an accurate representation of the emerging trends in Logistics Management. According to the author, supply chain professionalism is constantly evolving (Trent, 2017). For example, in a supply chain, once-cost managers are now responsible for stakeholder relationship management, risk management,...

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Wal-Mart & Wal-Mart's supply chain

The case study's research of Wal-supply Mart's chain demonstrates that the company works to maintain positive relationships with its clients, business partners, and even technology. According to Ketchen and Hult (2007, p. 573) the business has made an investment in understanding the needs of its clients in order to provide...

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Significance of Developing Metrics and KPIs

To ensure continued competitiveness, each business must focus on constantly improving logistics and supply chain processes. Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) might assist you understand what needs to be done. The former are considered to be the measures that allow for the monitoring and evaluation of all business elements,...

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Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Supply Chains

Making something that is in high demand by society or a particular person available is the process known as supply. Supply chains, on the other hand, are the crucial ties connecting a company's input and output. Prior to now, the key supply chain concerns included making sure deliveries were made...

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A Sustainability Analysis of Cadbury UK

The pursuit of financial viability throughout the supply chain, the use of Fairtrade certification, community support, and care for the environment are only a few examples of the remarkable sustainability efforts made by Cadbury (Pryor & Avern, 2017). Notably, businesses aim to increase customer value in order to achieve a...

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is crucial to the success of any business and is also required for customer happiness, which leads to increased sales. Supply chain management involves keeping an eye on the flow of data, resources, and money from the supplier to the wholesaler, retailer, and ultimately the consumer....

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About McDonald’s Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a fundamental component of the majority of businesses and is essential to both business performance and client happiness. Supply chain management, according to Christopher (2016), is the proactive management of supply chain operations with the goal of increasing customer value and generating a long-term competitive advantage....

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Domino's Pizza (DPZ)

The second-largest pizza business in the world, Domino's Pizza (DPZ), has 11,600 locations and operates in 75 countries. It serves 1.5 million pizzas per day to its large global consumer base. The restaurants provide customers with a variety of menu options, including pizza with a choice of crusts, pasta, oven-baked,...

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