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Essay; Public Relations

I was present at the public discussion on March 8, 2017, on the rising concern of school dropouts for young people as the crime rate continues to skyrocket, which took place in the Chaffey College, California, amphitheater. There were about 200 people there, including representatives from the neighborhood and several...

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social media growth impact on public relations in the 21st century

Most people agree that social media has greatly affected public relations as a profession. Those who have been in the PR discipline for a long time have seen remarkable improvements and will be able to testify to the fact that, in the new world of social media, people ingest news...

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Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” Racial representation

Jordan Peele's "Get Out" is a historical commentary on race relations in America. The film focuses on the African-American man as he meets his girlfriend's family for the first time. Although the parents claim to be liberalists with no racial tendencies, Chris believes that something is off, since most black...

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Placement of Product

Successful marketing strategy is one of the main factors deciding the commercial success of a product. Different businesses prefer different marketing methods for their goods to support the view of the product, public relations and battle various market forces (Ebert & Griffin 2016). Brand placement is one of the latest...

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