social media growth impact on public relations in the 21st century

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Most people agree that social media has greatly affected public relations as a profession. Those who have been in the PR discipline for a long time have seen remarkable improvements and will be able to testify to the fact that, in the new world of social media, people ingest news and engage tremendously. Irrespective of the expertise one has with regard to the discipline of Public Relations, social media has profoundly influenced the way people do things. Social networking refers to channels that enable users to communicate with each other. It is also clear that social media has had a major influence on public relations in the modern 21st century with technology innovation. Some of the world’s largest social media platforms include Twitter and Facebook.

How social media impacts on Public Relations

Public relation is a great offspring of human relations and intercourse

In as much as the corporate website as well as chat-rooms and electronic news release are currently seen as much more standard aspects of Public Relations, most Public Relations practitioners are in a real struggle with the impacts new media bring about, especially the internet.

Social media has affected how people relate and interact.

The world it becoming interconnected with the help of social media, thereby impacting on how people relate

The world of communication

The world of communication is moving in a more digital direction and those to have a true comprehension of this important transformation will communicate much more effectively than those who do not understand

Public Relations practitioners are meant to communicate to the public and therefore it is important for them to fully understand this important transformation for them to communicate much more effectively.

Owing to the fact that social media is growing at a fast rate, it proves to be difficult for Public Relations practitioners together with institutions training these professionals, to keep current

The use of blogs and PR

Blogs are turning out to be more popular because blogs have proved to give independence from media gatekeeping as well as traditional editors. The continued use of blogs better places Public Relations officers, in the eyes of the public.

In the past, Public Relations officers and practitioners had the full responsibility of packaging Public Relations content then go ahead distributing it to the media, all in the hope of being published.

Today, in as much as Public Relations practitioners are still responsible for packaging content, they are now in a position of publishing the Public Relations content themselves through social media and other social media outlets. The social media has today made it possible for Public Relations practitioners to talk directly to members of the public, besides also enabling them to view the publics’ responses thereby enabling them to act accordingly

For instance, if a customer tweets or facebooks about a complain, the company can be in a position to view comments and timely respond to the complaints thereby providing more direct quality services to its customers.

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