Essays on Social Media

The Role of Social Media in Promoting a Product

This research aims to do an in-depth analysis of the role of the impact of social media on a product's promotional activities (Wood, 2012). It seeks to analyze how the social interaction of the various consumers through social media platforms can be taken advantage of to boost the sales of...

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The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Behavior in Tourism Industry

There is a phenomenal success of social media regarding adoption and usage levels. They cause standard swing: for instance, how they segment ideas, how brands have involved with them, goods and businesses, and even how persons connect and connect with each other. Furthermore, significant customer knowledge is developed by social...

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The Impact of Web-Based Social Networking on Business Sales

The utilization of social networks is an essential tool that helps businesses to reach thousands of customers across the globe. The dissemination of system developments, at the natural level, which incorporates institutional and administrative elements, is profoundly mind-boggling and has ignored the role of Social Media. The paper points, through...

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The Impact of Social Media Advertising on Business Performance

The topic was selected on the basis of relevance. Online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are already popular with many individuals due to their ability to help people build connections based on common interests. The researcher is also working in the Beauty industry. By conducting research on current...

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The Use of Social Media as a Marketing Tool

The social media platform acts as a frontline in marketing goods and services in the business firms. Business industries can now access resources that were unavailable building worthiness and creating strategic relationships between the customers and suppliers through interaction. Understanding the social media is a rising necessity for business owners...

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Social Media Marketing for Retailers

The modern world is technologically driven, and social network sites have since become avenues for businesspeople to extend their marketing crusades to an array of clients. Chi (2011, 46) characterizes social media marketing as a “link between clients and brands while giving not only a personal channel but also currency...

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The Impact of Social Media on Destination Image and Selection

The Internet has revolutionized global business in the 21st century. It has improved the speed of connecting to the customers international, cost effective in terms of the economies of scale and provided promising avenues to venture and promote in novel business opportunities to many customers globally (Boulianne 2017, p. 5)....

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The Influence of Facebook Advertising on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour in UK Fast Food Industry

The influence of Facebook advertising on consumer purchasing behaviour such as impulse buying in the UK fast food industry Background and Aims: To investigate the impact of Facebook on the purchasing behaviour of consumers in UK fast food industry The fast food industry in the UK is dominated by big international brands such...

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Social Media and Digital Marketing Definition

The field of design marketing and management encompasses three spheres of knowledge. In specific, research in the field is concerned with the planning and conducting of strategic and visual marketing for particular groups (VIA University College, 2018). Further, design, marketing, and management entail analyzing brands, market trends and proper use...

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The Potential of Social Media for Luxury Brand Management

Studies on digital marketing have increased with the expansion of the social media space. Many salesmen have realized that social media can significantly aid in reaching out to more customers thereby boosting profits. However, few studies have been done concerning the use of social media as a digital marketing tool...

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Effects of Social Media on Online Sales

Social media has witnessed an explosive growth in the last two decades, courtesy of the advent of the internet. While a large section of the global society uses the social media for personal reasons, including communication and interaction, the online platform has proven vital in the business arena. Organizations in...

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Impact of Social Media on Interpersonal Communication

Social Media and Communication Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate. It has offered a platform that enables us to instantaneously express our experiences and thoughts with relatives, peers as well as strangers globally. One of its benefits is that it allows sharing of information with a large number of...

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