Essays on Dance Performance Review

A review of ballet arts locations

The show of charlotte Ballet are fanciful, the innovation of their rendition showing fit people who stress in their exercises to be flexible. From diverse performance, one gets to observe various kinds of fitness, and knows the dangers involved in performing for shows. It is simple and notable that they...

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Choreography: The sophisticated dance

This article examines choreographers and their work in the dance industry. Meaning of choreography varies among members of the industry with some viewing it as a dance style that emphasize on specific moves like lifting and jumping while others opine it to be styles tht tilt towards Pacific island dance...

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Interacting with Visual Arts

Visual art is a form of interactive art. Interactive art is a form of art that allows the viewers to partake in the piece that is being displayed or performed to accomplish its intent. Interactive art has been in existent since the 60s and 70s, and this was due to...

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