One Hundred Years of Solitude and magical realism

Magical Realism is the art of enthralling something that would be impossible to believe in today’s world. It’s not like the magical children’s novel, where everything is shocking, extraordinary, and overdone. Instead, magical realism helps magic seem more otherworldly and commonplace. Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Isolation…

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How Christians Use Magic in Their Code

Religions that denounce magic The Old Testament and New Testament both condemn magic, and many Church Fathers followed suit. Yet, despite the scriptures’ condemnations, magic survived among Christians. Part of the reason for this was that Christians used biblical passages to justify their own practices. This was ironic because the…

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Religions and Magic

Various religions practice magic. We also learn about the origin of the word magic and the different types of magic. Here are some methods that are commonly used by magicians. Once you’ve mastered these techniques, you can begin practicing your own magic. However, if you want to become an expert…

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