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Writing a dance essay will help you discover that dance is the oldest of art forms. Many dance essays study the origins of the dance. Archeologists say that the first evidence of dancing is dated back to 3300 BC. Dancing reflects a human need to convey their joy or sorrow to others through body language. Many essays on dance define it as rhythmic, expressive body movements, usually arranged in a specific composition and performed with musical accompaniment. Samples of dance essays teach us that most events in the lives of primitive people were honored by dancing: birth, death, war, election, etc. The dance was used to express prayers for rain, sunlight, fertility. The dance evolved through centuries and now we know numerous types of dances, like ballet, tap, ballroom, swing, folk, hip hop, and many more. Check out dance essay samples if you want an example of how to tackle your own essay.

Partnering Place: A Nightmare and a Romance

In addition to being educational, Heidi Henderson's piece evokes a range of emotions through his recording of an interview with two choreographic dancers, Sara Pearson and Patrik Widrig. The two describe what it's like to turn ordinary settings into thrilling theaters, which requires creating artistic works that are unique to...

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Pages: 2

EDM Music Subculture

Electronic dance music (EDM) is another name for EDM music. EDM Music refers to a variety of percussive electronic music styles that are often heard at raves, concerts, and nightclubs. The success of EDM Music has resulted in the creation of an EDM Music subculture (Michelangelo). A subculture is a...

Words: 2850

Pages: 11

Choreography: The sophisticated dance

This article examines choreographers and their work in the dance industry. Meaning of choreography varies among members of the industry with some viewing it as a dance style that emphasize on specific moves like lifting and jumping while others opine it to be styles tht tilt towards Pacific island dance...

Words: 1050

Pages: 4

Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg is a painter and dancer who uses visual gestures to interact. Creativity is one of the standout features of the dance at the MoMA. The dancers' outfits were both ethical and stunning. The colors of the props matched the colors of the backdrop and the lighting on the...

Words: 268

Pages: 1

Reflection Paper

This paper displays on my ten-hour service learning project at Friendly House in Worcester. It entails things that I learned, community service, food pantry, immigration service, after school programs, millinery, etc. Also, the paper will encompass what I was able to achieve in the course of this service learning as...

Words: 394

Pages: 2

Douglas Wright's Choreographic Style

Douglas Wright originated from Tuakau and was once born in 1956, Southern Auckland. In the early 1980s, he joined the Limbs Dance Company and later joined the Paul Taylor Company and later DV8 Physical Theatre in London in the late 1980s. Douglas has managed to come up with over 30...

Words: 670

Pages: 3

The American Samoa Gender Dance: Patriarchal Society

Today's lecture concentrated on American Samoa, its beliefs and customs. Despite the fact that both are American communities, it was all about the community led by men and how it varies from ours. The lesson considered the way dance is defined by culture and how the latter represents us. How...

Words: 375

Pages: 2

Get Lite Dance

After my ten-hour carrier learning project at Friendly House in Worcester, I learned a lot about the community service, food pantry, immigration service, and after school programs. In this paper, I reflect on the matters I achieved during this service learning, as expected and outlined in my pre-reflection paper. Considering all...

Words: 382

Pages: 2

Salsa under the Stars Dancing

The first thought that one experiences by attending the event "Salsa beneath the Stars" is the auditory perceptual constancies, which is the ability to identify unique tune from a given set of sounds. The auditory perceptual constancy is a sensory that results from the feel of hearing and plays a...

Words: 258

Pages: 1

Therapy of Dance and movement

The therapeutic use of motion for emotions and imagination, social, cognitive, physical and mental wellbeing improves, is imposed by dance therapy or movement therapy. DMT has been used in Western medicine since the 1940s (Newcomer). How it works is dependent on the connection between mind and body. The therapy encourages...

Words: 550

Pages: 2

The African American Modern and Hip Dance

American dance style that evolved from African American and Latino youths in the 19th century was the focus of the lecture. In this type of dancing, the dancers are to engage in some vernacular contemporary movements that are usually improvised with social intent. The freestyle form of art is emphasized...

Words: 282

Pages: 2

Romantic Ballet

The lecture today delved into the origins and components of romantic ballet, a dance that started in the 19th century. The lecture class concentrated on the roots of history, the reasons for its success and its debut by prominent actors. The purpose of ballet was to represent both art and...

Words: 261

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