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The Role of Women in the Cycling Culture

Some of the benefits of cycling Some of the benefits of cycling include fun since it is fun, plain and simple, secondly, fitness that helps to burn the calories and varies according to the speed and topography, thirdly happiness, since most people would not like to identify with traffic or riding...

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Transportation in Thailand

The Transport Infrastructure in Thailand The transport infrastructure is a significant and inevitable aspect of human life since it allows people to move from a single place to another in search of goods, services, desires, and opportunities. There exist numerous transportation modes globally with the most common types being, road, air,...

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Bicycle Industry in Israel

According to Israel Central Bureau of statistics, the country had a population of 8,855,000 people. There are slightly more males than females with the ratio of male to female estimated at 1.05. Approximately 75% of the population are Jews and 20% are Arabs. The rest of the immigrants are about...

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“Working at Wendy’s.”

When describing a memory or a past incident in his life, Joey Franklin switches his text from present to past tense. He recalls how Kris Livingston's mother labored at the Taco Bell register as an illustration of this shift in tense. For Chinese people, riding a bicycle offered a respite from...

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Cyclists and Traffic Law

For the sake of other road users as well as themselves, cyclists should adhere to the traffic laws. Stop signals and red lights are not just for drivers. Additionally, cyclists need to be aware of them. A biker who disregards a stop sign may be fined up to $110 for...

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Handlebars by Flobots

Generally, handlebars refer to the steerage bars of a bicycle used to control the direction of its movement. Flobots utilizes this term to refer to the manner in which the government believes it can manipulate peoples lives by controlling the economy. The Video The video begins with two humans each controlling their...

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