Essays on Depression

Depression essay is an important task because people call depression a plague of the twenty-first century. Studies all over the world show that depression is among the most common health issues of our time. Statistics in depression essays show that over 264 million people worldwide suffer from depression in 2020. Authors of essays on depression define depression as a psychological disorder, characterized by low mood, inhibition of intellectual and motor activity, decreased vital impulses, pessimistic assessments of oneself, and the surrounding reality. Depression is characterized by a negative outlook on one's personality, the external world, and the future. Our depression essay samples will provide various information for your essay writing. Provided samples of essays showcase characteristics of depression as well as ways to battle it.

The Importance of Depression in the Elderly

The Main Idea of the Article The main idea of the article "Depression in the Elderly: A Descriptive Study of Urban and Semi-Urban Greek Population" is that depression is a common mental disorder in the elderly. Financial Burden and Increasing Rates of Geriatric Depression Additionally, the article highlights that the geriatric rates of...

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Pages: 2

Depression in Carrie

Depression is a term that can be used to describe a variety of situations depending on the context of the application. The majority of the scholars define depression as the appearance of a person expressing sadness. The term can also refer to a disorder determined by clinical diagnosis or fleeting...

Words: 1359

Pages: 5

Anxiety and Depression in Millennials

Recent studies in the world today reveal that the society is continually struggling with the growing number of depression and anxiety cases mainly affecting millennials (Luxmoore 38). Anxiety refers to the escalated levels of worry and nervousness of uncertain situations or the future. Depression, on the other hand, refers to...

Words: 1635

Pages: 6

Additive Effects of Anxiety and Depression on Body Mass Index Among Blacks: The Role of Ethnicity and Gender

Assari, Shervin. "Additive effects of anxiety and depression on body mass index among blacks: the role of ethnicity and gender." International cardiovascular research journal 8.2 (2014): 44. Summary of the Article Research indicates that anxiety can trigger stress responses in a human being. Stress responses happen as a result of the pressures...

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Pages: 5

The Impact of Social Media Use on Mental Health

According to the article human being are always worried about missing out on what other people in the world are doing. Currently, more and more people are using the social media following the technological advancements which increase the rates of fear of missing out (FOMO). The author of the article...

Words: 934

Pages: 4

Maternal Depression and Antisocial Behavior in Children

The article covers a recent study conducted to associate maternal depression with antisocial behavior in children. Data analyzed in the study were drawn from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Kindergarten Class of 1998–1999 (ECLS-K), developed under the U.S Department of Education (Gajos Beaver 350). The aim of the being to...

Words: 589

Pages: 3

Yoga as a Way of Treating Depression and Anxiety Disorders

The use of Yoga as a way of treating and managing   anxiety and depression disorders and related disorders has become over the past few decades.  Hatha yoga is the most common type of yoga used as it combines controlled breathing, physical pose, and a short period of deep relaxation. Notably,...

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Organization Overview

An international non-profit group called the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) was established in 1979. The mission of this group is to prevent, treat, and ultimately eradicate anxiety, depression, and other related disorders worldwide. Through practice, research, and education, this group carries out its mission. The ADAA is...

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Pages: 12

Depression among the elderly

Although it is a prevalent issue, depression in the elderly is not a typical aspect of aging. Despite having more illnesses and physical issues, many seniors are content, according to some research. (Behm et al., 2014). Depression is different from the typical bluesy or depressed feeling. It's a typical but...

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Pharmacologic and Nonpharmacologic Treatment Strategies for Depression

Depression is a common medical issue that affects people of all ages. Ladies are more prone to depression than men, owing to hormonal differences and genetic predispositions. In order to combat depression, thorough clinical assessment, diagnosis, and management are required. Antidepressants are used as pharmacological therapies, whilst non-pharmacologic techniques include...

Words: 609

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The Increase of Undiagnosed Depressive Disorder

One of the major public health issues confronting the United States is the fast rise in the prevalence of depression. Hidaka (2012) criticizes individualism, unhealthy eating habits, and a lack of fitness culture as underlying factors in the disorder's growing burden. Depression rates have risen disproportionately in recent years, with...

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Pages: 2

growing burden of depression

While depression has afflicted all segments of the population, elderly persons over the age of 65 continue to be the most affected. The viewpoint is reinforced by current statistics, which show that, despite accounting for only 12.6% of the American demographic profile, the elderly account for 20% of suicide deaths...

Words: 363

Pages: 2

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