Essays on Postpartum Depression

Postnatal Depression Among Fathers

Postnatal depression also termed as postpartum depression (PPD) refers to a type of mood disorder that is usually associated with childbirth. This type of mood disorder is highly characterized by extremely low energy, low energy, feelings of extreme sadness and high anxiety levels, irritability, insomnia, as well as changes in...

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Effects of Depression on Men

Gender is a synonym used for sex difference. It is said, depression is more common to women that men. Studies have been done all over to give women solutions on how to cope with depression. What about men? Coping with depression is a daily trauma for anyone. I settled...

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depression effects

Depression and its Effects Depression is a psychiatric illness that can strike someone at some time in their lives. It is important to remember that it has an effect on both the body and mind. Furthermore, depression makes even the most basic tasks difficult, such as getting out of bed. Depression...

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depression symptoms and therapy

Depression Depression, also known as major depressive disorder, is a widespread and debilitating mental illness that has a detrimental impact on how one behaves, believes, and performs. The above issue is treatable with the appropriate means of treatment and prescription. A depressed person is prone to feeling lonely or losing pleasure...

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