Essays on Developmental Psychology

A Running Record on a Pre-schooler Focusing on Social Development

Jai is sitting on the sandpit holding a shovel in his right hand. He is digging the sand and pouring it into the old cooking pot. He excavates once more groaning and raises the spade, dropping half of the sand, and put it in...

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Nutrition and Fitness of Toddlers and Preschoolers

The overall health and vitality of an entire nation, in the long-term, is contingent upon the wellbeing of its children. In this regard, it is worth noting that nutrition and fitness are a critical aspect of the well-being of children (Cyr, 2016). Proper nutrition involves intake of adequate amounts of...

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Adolescent Development

Adolescent development is a period of human growth and development that begins with puberty and ends with a transition to adulthood. In this stage an individual experiences physical changes that are triggered by body hormones while the cognitive changes are associated with the improvement in both complex and abstract thought....

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Psychological refractory period meaning

Psychologically speaking, the term "psychological refractory period" refers to the period of time during which the processing of a second stimulus is sluggish due to the processing of the first stimulus. The study used the psychological refractory period, often known as PRP, to determine the significance of task 1 and...

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Genes Affecting Person’s Behavior and Personality

There has been an argument promoted by evolutionary science pundits that our chromosomes are deciding factors in how we behave. However, the question of whether this statement applies to truth remains unanswered. Taking two examples, one may ask if there is strong proof that we as humans act the way...

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depression effects

Depression and its Effects Depression is a psychiatric illness that can strike someone at some time in their lives. It is important to remember that it has an effect on both the body and mind. Furthermore, depression makes even the most basic tasks difficult, such as getting out of bed. Depression...

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Human Development Stages

Psychological growth continues from infancy to puberty until adulthood. Although several studies have been carried out, the theory of Jean Piaget offers an informative study of each point (Pressley & McCormick, 2006). He carried out a critical study of the cognitive actions of children and developed a theory that summed...

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Cognitive Development Theory

My Views on Child Development My views on child development are best represented by the theory of cognitive development. It is important to ensure that children are exposed to the right environment, which helps in their overall development, according to Piaget's theory of cognitive development. The Theory of Cognitive Development The theory asserts...

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Doubt and Shame vs. Autonomy

The psychological cognitive development relates specifically to infant development in terms of information processing, language acquisition, conceptual resources and brain development. This is an important part of the growth of children. Through this process, the child is able to learn how to overcome issues in the future. Apart from this,...

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