Cognitive Development Theory

My Views on Child Development

My views on child development are best represented by the theory of cognitive development. It is important to ensure that children are exposed to the right environment, which helps in their overall development, according to Piaget's theory of cognitive development.

The Theory of Cognitive Development

The theory asserts that children are motivated and active learners, especially if the resources required to improve their learning experiences are given. In addition, children also develop awareness on the basis of their interactions, such as playing with toys or engaging in a play/game environment with other children.

The Optimal Model

The cognitive development model is the optimal model since it stresses learning as a factor in environmental exposure. Therefore, a child’s immediate social environment will have a significant impact on the development of behavior.

Differences from Other Developmental Theories

The theory differs from other developmental theories in that it focuses on psychosocial development in children, especially their ability to observe, learn, and assimilate behavior from their environment and the people that are close to them.

Building Trust

Development is predicated on the child’s ability to trust the caregivers. The fact that the world is unpredictable and prone to accidents and injuries makes it necessary to build trust between the child and caregivers. Since children are uncertain and unsure of the world, they require re-assurance and having trust in the people taking care of them. These are the people that will safe-guard and protect them from harm.

Promoting Cognitive Development

I believe a child should be exposed to a dynamic environment that promotes cognitive development. It is through exposure to a diverse social setting that a child can actively develop cognitive skills that influence their ability to learn new concepts. The early childhood cognitive development influences learning, behavior, and relationships that are created at later stages.

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