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As you write a motivation essay you get to explore the concept of motivation. The word itself comes from the Latin word “movere”, which means “to move”. Motivation essays define Motivation as: an encouragement to action; a person's ability to satisfy their needs through certain activities; a dynamic psychophysiological process that controls a person’s behavior and determines his level of organization, the orientation of actions, and activity. Authors of essays on motivation note such types of motivation: external/internal, positive/negative, stable/unstable, etc. There is much to discover about motivation. You can view our motivation essay samples for some more facts about this concept, which will help perfect your essay. You can find all the essay samples below.

The Dream of Red Chamber is a hundred and twenty chapter novel

The Dream of Red Chamber is a novel of a hundred and twenty chapters written by Cao Xueqin and published in 1988. In the book, the author uses suspense on many occasions. Why does the author have suspense in the storyline’s plot? I would contend that the author is driven…

Words: 613

Pages: 3

Liberate the Girl Child is linked to the 1968 Mexican student movement.

Jenifer Bolt was the name of the interviewee. She is a fourth-grader at Cambridge Business School, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in finance. Her parents are both teachers, and she comes from a modest family. Jenifer is the firstborn of five children and grew up in the country,…

Words: 2568

Pages: 10

Motivation and emotion

Motivation and emotion are often viewed as two aspects of psychology that seem to share a cause-and-effect relationship. Motivation is characterized as something that induces or drives a person to act and conduct in order to accomplish the desired goal, while emotions are the feelings that emerge from the motivation…

Words: 601

Pages: 3

Report on Revenue Strategy: The Hotel Industry’s Big Bet on Personalized Loyalty

Repetitive behavior is usually enforced by reinforcement or incentive in either case. When it comes to sales, converting repeat customers into loyal customers necessitates more than a quick “thank you” and “you are welcome again.” It goes beyond just giving a discount because this conventional approach is not only out…

Words: 296

Pages: 2

the development of career

A career is an individual’s path through schooling, employment, and any everyday activity that may occur. A career goal is an aim that is set to be reached at any point in one’s career. Career objectives are defined to accomplish a certain professional purpose, which can include job promotions or…

Words: 1364

Pages: 5

Pay being the only motivator at work

Any employment shall be remunerated by salaries or benefits. Pay is the essential end result of when people are going to work. It is the recognition of the commitment of an individual to society (Ogbonnaya, 2017). However, the debate still arises as to how much compensation is a motivator to…

Words: 1424

Pages: 6


Discuss and assess how motivational levels can affect the performance of a person and a team at work. Motivation refers to a cause that a person acts or acts in a certain manner. It’s fundamentally a driving force or someone’s readiness to do something. Motivation is extremely necessary in an…

Words: 1822

Pages: 7

I Believe I Can Fly

It is clear from the lyrics of R. Kelly’s song I Believe I Can Fly that there is a secret purpose. This song is a great motivator for everyone who wants to do something in life. For example, the singer says, “I see me running through the door.” This represents…

Words: 266

Pages: 1

Religion and Morality in The Brothers Karamazov

Individuals have often challenged the foundations of human life in an attempt to explain what motivates our behavior across documented human history. Over the years, scholarly debate has focused on issues such as human identity and equality. In this sense, the relationship between morality and religion has often been a…

Words: 2239

Pages: 9

Profile Essay

If I had to choose one expression to explain how my brother, Chris, lives his life, it would be ‘hard work pays off.’ He is one of the most attentive people I know, a quality he inherited from our father as well as life experiences that illustrated the importance of…

Words: 586

Pages: 3

organ donation compensation

Organ donation is a critical topic that has recently sparked heated controversy. The crucial argument at first was whether it was ethical to donate or accept donor organs. However, as the procedure became more widespread, the method of giving and collecting organs came to the fore. A large number of…

Words: 892

Pages: 4

Business Growth and Factors Affecting it

To identify a profitable company that can produce profits that encourage the company to expand takes commitment and extra efforts to achieve business growth. Performance comes with self-motivation and a drive for the growth and competitiveness of your company in the the world of business. (Ryans, 1999) Businesses like Hank…

Words: 2517

Pages: 10

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