The Pioneers of Play

Play is a detrimental aspect in children’s life. It dates back to many centuries back, where different philosophers tried to incorporate this aspect for kindergarten children. Today, they have been recognized as the pioneers of play. For instance, Lev Vygotsky, Friedrich Froebel, and Jean Jacques Rosseau are among the notable...

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Heathers The Musical

Review of "Heathers: The Musical" On March 9, 2018, I had an opportunity to go to John Anthony Theatre and watch “Heathers: The Musical” authored and composed by Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe and directed by Robin Armstrong. The decor was simple: three blocks and a poster announcing the most anticipated...

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Role of Play in Early Childhood Education

Many individuals have thoroughly researched the role of play in the early childhood classroom. Besides enjoying the play, children also benefit from it in numerous ways and hence the importance of play. In the education world, the play might seem a vague term because of the unclear definition mainly when...

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The Use of Anecdotal Evidence and Testimonies from Experts to Develop the Argument

“Can a Playground Be Too Safe?” is an essay written by John Tierney and published in the New York Times on 18/7/2011. The essays highlight the benefits associated with tall jungle gyms and tall slides like facilitating the emotional development, enabling children to overcome fears, being adventurous and thrilling especially...

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The Importance of Gender Analysis in The Crucible and The Glass Menagerie

In our world today: The importance of conducting a gender analysis In our world today, an essential first step for ensuring gender equality in any project is to conduct a gender analysis of the issue being addressed by the project. The analysis may be described as an analysis of gender relations...

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A Doll's House and Trifles

Throughout history, one of the most important social issues is the movement for female rights. In most culture, there was unequal treatment between women and men. Women expect only to stay home and let the men support and provide them. The famous plays whose discussion revolve around female and male...

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Analysis of Drama as a Social Commentary

Analysis of Drama as a Social Commentary Over the recent years, there has been a wide approval of drama as a critical tool for social commentary. Drama contains elements that mirror the society and life in general thus, apart from entertainment, drama informs and educates. Many playwrights utilize this powerful feature...

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The Character of Troy Maxon in August Wilson's Fences

Fences: An Analysis of the Character Troy Maxon Fences is a short play of about ten minutes written by American playwright August Wilson. Set in the late 50s, the play talks about themes such as race, relationships, and issues of trust. All these themes and others are brought to the fore...

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The Play "A Doll's House"

Introduction Done by one Henrik Ibsen, from Norway, the “A Doll's House” is a play which has three acts. The play was published in 1879 in December. The premier performance of the “A Doll's House” happened in the same year it was published, in Denmark, Copenhagen (Ibsen 12). Consequently, the setting...

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Egri and Miller's Concept of Premise, Conflict, and Character

According to Lajos Egri and Gilbert Miller's concept of premise, conflict, and character, a well-written play has a purpose and destination. The premise of the play addresses three primary parts which include the conflict, character and the end as well clear thumbnail synopsis such as poverty leads to crime (Egri...

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The Elaborate Entry of Chad Deity

The "Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" The "Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" is an extremely hilarious and resonant play that was scripted by Kristoffer Diaz in 2009, although it made its debut in the production industry three years later. It was first performed in one of the most memorable productions at...

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Analysis of A Doll's House by Ibsen

Introduction A Doll’s House is a play Henrik Ibsen which features characters such as Torvald, Norah, Dr. Rank, and Krogstad among others. The movie brings out Norah and Torvald Helmer to be the main characters in the film. At the beginning of the movie, the Helmer family seems to be happy...

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