Essays on Child Psychology

The Attachment Theory and Tiffani Bradley Case Study

The attachment theory was conceived by John Bowlby. The theorists argued that relationships between children and their primary caregivers influence their development significantly. Bowlby described attachment as an emotional bond that connects one person to another (Moss, 2016). Bowlby assumed that attachment or bonding behaviors are adaptive to enhance the...

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The Role of Media in Perpetuating Myth-Based News About Sex Among Adolescents

Joel and Boggle illuminate on the perceived sex extremism among youths in the “Kids Gone Wild”. Sexual perversion among adolescents and the role of media in propagating moral decadence are covered in details as the authors internalize about whether teens have gone out of control regarding sexual relations. The book...

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Child abuse as a common social problem

Child abuse has become a common social problem in our societies. Millions of children suffer maltreatment and neglect at a tender age before they reach the age of 18 years. Child abuse is the physical harm, emotional, or sexual maltreatment. It can be in form of neglect, sexual abuse, physical...

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Child Psychology

Attachment theory: it is a concept in the developmental psychology which explains the emotional bond that exists between a primary caregiver and the infant. It also considers the way in which the relationship between the two affects the behavior and emotional development into the adulthood stage. Psychodynamic theory: it is a...

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Impacts of Parent Imprisonment on Children

In the world today, imprisonment rate has gone up. Anyone can be imprisoned no matter the age or gender. The principal reason for a prison sentence is to punish the offender. Rather than being a punishment, imprisonment can be of decisive impact once the prisoner has practical, financial, social, and...

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Drug usage among Teenagers

What is the relationship between mental health and behavior, and how may psychological health treatment help youngsters avoid drug usage and addiction? Review of Literature M. Olfson, B. G. Druss, and S. C. Marcus (2015). Trends in child and adolescent mental health care. 2029-2038 in the New England Journal of Medicine, 372(21). According...

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The Rocking-Horse Winner

""The Rocking-Horse Champion"" H. Lawrence that when children get to a certain age in their life start to hear and imagine things that are neither visible nor audible to grown up people. At this point, by contrasting their lives with those of their neighbors, children get to know the issues...

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Table of Cognitive Development

This is the first stage of Piaget's intellectual growth, in which schemes are focused primarily on people's insights and activities. This stage also starts at birth for approximately 2 years (Ormrod 29). In this scenario, Ormod (29) states that the children cannot think about the things they use. Indeed, children...

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Child Development

Child Development Child development is all about the study of the psychology of a child, according to the video, which involves the transition from childhood to adulthood. A child's development means both the learning and physical growth of a child. In addition, through their everyday experiences, the video reveals the anxiety...

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Benefits and risks of psychoactive medication on children

Benefits and drawbacks for children with psychoactive drugs The decision of a trained professional such as a teenager and child therapist is required for psychoactive treatment and prescribing. Symptoms, co-morbid conditions, educational histories, and psychiatric conditions must be taken into account by the doctor. Children correctly diagnosed with psychoactive substance dependency...

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Behavior Therapy for Autism

A five-year-old boy with autism Peter Lewis has been witnessed being violent, non-compliant behavior and often throws tantrums at the slightest provocation. This was a struggle for his parents, whom I helped to regulate his actions. While enforcing skills such as playing football and walking stably, he demonstrated physically violent conduct. Physical...

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Diagnostic assessment in Child Psychology

Introduction In relation to Mr. Prince, diagnostic assessment makes way for school psychologist like himself to make decision on students' individual knowledge, strength, weaknesses, and skills before instruction. Diagnosing students' difficulties as well as guiding curriculum and lesson planning are assisted by it. Nonbiased Formal and Informal Diagnostic Assessments Concerning the response to...

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