Child Development

Child Development

Child development is all about the study of the psychology of a child, according to the video, which involves the transition from childhood to adulthood. A child's development means both the learning and physical growth of a child. In addition, through their everyday experiences, the video reveals the anxiety that children have. In other words, children experience an evolutionary phase of thought and communication that leads to cognitive development, the most common form of childhood development.

Cognitive Growth

Cognitive growth includes all the changes in a child's mind that influence thought and the use of language. Jean Piaget was the pioneer of the cognitive development through a long time study of the children\u2019s behavior. The development of a child occurs in four stages that are the sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational. At the early development stage, a child relies on senses to respond to things from the environment. The video demonstrates how a baby remembers or rather searches his or her mother better than inanimate objects and this is the most obvious when a baby cries. Therefore, the video provides the clear explanation of how a child changes from the infancy stage to the adolescent stage.

Reactions and Interactions

The reactions and the interactions of a child during the cognitive development are symbols of the way the brain progressively develops and works. Therefore, all the aspects of the children\u2019s cognition like perceiving the world, performing physical exercises, reading, writing, and expressing emotions such as anger and happiness showcase the active development of their brains. It is important to note that cognitive development of a child depends on the environmental assimilation and the accommodation of whatever is in the environment.

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