The Rocking-Horse Winner

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“”The Rocking-Horse Champion”” H. Lawrence that when children get to a certain age in their life start to hear and imagine things that are neither visible nor audible to grown up people. At this point, by contrasting their lives with those of their neighbors, children get to know the issues they face. This is illustrated by the way Paul continues to ask his mother why they don’t have a car and what their uncle has. What Paul and his two sisters keep on hearing it is simply a nonexistence voice which implies the degree at which the whole house needs more money in order improve the lively hood of their family. The author also takes the position that children are very keen and observant at a certain stage in their lifetime. Paul can vividly note the difference between the welfare of their family and that of their uncle, Oscar. His mother states that their lack of money is due to lack of luck. Paul is determined to work hard in order to have luck as opposed to his mother who believes that luck is God given. At this point Paul and his two get fully immersed with worldly problems at a tender age and that’s why they seem to share the same hallucination that the house is speaking. The author also takes the position that children can obtain happiness through playing with the favourite toys as in the case of Paul and his rocking horse. He also portrays children as having the desire and determination to achieve great things in future. That is why Paul gives his horse names of the winners.

Short Answer Question 2:

I totally agree with the fact that it is possible for someone to write authentically about a culture to which he or she does not belong. For instance, one does not need to own a maize plantation to know what maize is. As a matter of fact, what the writer needs is simply extensive observation and quite intensive research on the subject culture and not personal experience. As a result, just being a member of certain culture does not make you an authentic writer.

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