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Depression is a psychiatric illness that can strike someone at some time in their lives. It is important to remember that it has an effect on both the body and mind. Furthermore, depression makes even the most basic tasks difficult, such as getting out of bed. Depression causes an intense sense of sorrow to overtake one’s body. One of the times I was down was when I moved to Midland. My father, brothers, boyfriend, and other close relatives, on the other hand, remained in Mexico. The sense of isolation I felt was a symptom of depression. As a result, I started binge eating and watching TV every day, but I never gained much weight. Instead, I became emaciated which is an indicator of depression in most individuals. On the other hand, everything took a turn when I enrolled in school and started a job. I made new friends and went out on some occasions which improved my overall well-being as I looked healthy and felt happier. Hence, for some people, struggling with depression is something they are familiar with and to be specific, it is as a result of fatigue, binge eating, and suicide among others.


Fatigue is a common effect of depression which I experienced as other people. One feels tired on most occasions due to lack of sufficient energy. Similarly, lack of excitement makes one prefer staying at home over going anywhere else for an outdoor experience. Therefore, one gets the urge to remain in bed and rest for the better part of the day. Upon reaching a point of deep depression, the effects get more severe. There are two types of fatigue, and they include physical and mental fatigue. Concerning physical fatigue, the body muscles of an individual lack the normal functioning capability. Therefore, it becomes problematic for one to carry some luggage and even climb stairs. On the other hand, mental fatigue arises when one fails to compose themselves and concentrate on something. Important to note is that in most instances, mental and physical fatigue go hand in hand. Thus, fatigue arising from depression is life-threatening as it might lead to accidents when it comes to operating machinery. We ought to seek medical attention in the event where we feel unusually tired as it is a sign of depression. However, we should differentiate between individuals having chronic fatigue and those experiencing fatigue as an adverse effect of depression.

Suicidal Ideation

Depression being a delicate situation can cause thoughts of suicide. For this matter, people ought not to take it lightly. Suicide is a preventable occurrence, but in the event that it has taken place, it leaves the loved ones of the deceased in pain and grief. Therefore, having suicidal thoughts results from the troubles, one is experiencing in life, and they might be passive or active. Depression creates negative suicidal ideation when one is in need of dying, and they have already established a plan on how to execute their death. On the other hand, passive suicidal thoughts brought about by depression prevail when a person is willing to die, but he or she lacks the means of implementing the wish. Since depression makes one hold a perception that their problems cannot be solved, most victims tend not to seek for health from those available or close relatives. Thus, the person undergoing depression should contact a specialist immediately to avoid any undesirable occurrences. Besides, counsellors might offer significant help when it comes to coping up with high levels of stress, repetitive instances of negative events among other issues which form the root of depression. Hence, curbing the negative effects of depression in our society.

Binge Eating

Binge eating is one of the most common indicators that one is undergoing depression. A person tends to eat enormous amounts of food without getting adequate satisfaction. Important to note is that this behaviour persists all day long. Moreover, a depressed person might choose to feed without feeling any hunger which is unusual for normal human beings. The problem with binge eating is that it damages the body and more so it affects our fitness and health. In particular, it can lead to obesity, which can put individuals having lifestyle diseases such as diabetes into a riskier position. They may start experiencing changes since they have added more weight and there is a high possibility of having body marks. Diabetes is also a big problem that develops over time and makes depression progress into dangerous levels. On the other hand, heart complications are likely to arise in the case of binge eating when the diet consists mainly of carbohydrates and other processed foods. Despite binge eating being an issue accorded less concern in the society, we ought to consider what we eat in a move to avoid placing our lives at risk.


Many people experience depression with fatigue, binge eating, and suicidal ideation being the primary effects. Regarding fatigue, it is evident that both physical and mental fatigue may arise when one is undergoing sad events. Therefore, these individuals find it difficult to conduct their routine activities due to lack of adequate energy. However, some people face chronic fatigue whenever they perform small tasks, and this is not the case when one goes through fatigue caused by depression. The most important thing we should keep in mind is that fatigue brought about by depression might put victims in life-threatening situations. Hence, seeking the advice of a doctor is important in ascertaining the possible cause of fatigue. Moreover, by curbing the effect of depression such as fatigue, one will realize that their lifestyle will improve immensely.

On the flip side, depression might result in a person having suicidal ideation. In such a scenario, the involved persons could be having a plan on how to execute their death or fail to have it. However, the most important thing is whether we can avoid the undesirable event where one dies leaving behind the loved ones. Hence, seeking the advice of a counselor is useful in trying to prevent suicidal ideation which most depressed persons face in their lives. Lastly, depression might force one to engage in binge eating where they feel the urge to feed on a series of meals even after eating more than enough. Specifically, if the diet consists mainly of carbohydrates and fat-rich foods, then these individuals are at risk of developing heart complications. Besides, if they do not seek medical attention, then they might get into more problems which were initially precipitated by depression. Thus, we should not overlook fatigue, binge eating, and suicidal ideation as they are the primary effects of depression.

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