Essays on Mental Health

What the Health – Eating Healthy

There have been controversies in western countries on the type of diet that people can adopt, as there has been a sharp rise in health problems and diseases linked to poor eating choices. Access to a balanced diet and proper nutrition, according to Tuso et al. (2013), is important for…

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Eating disorders

Eating disorders are a category of disorders characterized by unhealthy food relationships. Eating disorders are often viewed as a lifestyle choice. Eating disorders/unhealthy eating habits are a severe and often fatal condition that interferes with a person’s eating habits. Food obsessions, body weight, and shape are all characteristics of eating…

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Antidepressants are medications that are commonly used to treat depression. Serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as Fluoxetine, are the most common type of antidepressant. In 1970, the role of serotonin in depression was discovered, leading to the development of the hypothesis that enhanced neurotransmission is a viable mechanism in mediating…

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Post-Partum Depression, and Positive Parenting

Mrs. G and her husband are struggling with .a number of parenting and relationship behaviors, some of which are helpful to the family and some that need to be modified. The cultural variations between the two families are the first component of the family dynamics. Since Mrs. G is Nigerian…

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The NREM period (non-rapid eye movement) is the first stage of sleep which lasts anywhere from 1 to 7 minutes. At this stage, brain activity changes from wakefulness to mixed-frequency waves. The second phase lasts for around 10 to 25 minutes, and it gets longer with each period. SWS refers…

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Relationship between dental hygiene and the occurrence of eating disorders among teenage girls

The relationship between dental hygiene and the incidence of eating disorders in teenage girls is discussed in this essay. Although the condition can affect anyone beginning at the age of eight, it is most common among adolescent girls and young adult females who are more self-conscious about their appearance. Such…

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Medicalization and health risk constructions

The process of marking certain aspects of human life as medical conditions is known as medicalization (Maturo 2012). Sexual violence, menopause, obesity, addictions, infertility, infant hyperactivity, and mental illnesses are only a few of the issues. In the 1970s, Irving Zola, Peter Conrad, and Thomas Szasz invented the word “medicalization.”…

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Prosthetics and Normalcy and Disability Issues

Man has had to deal with his surroundings and other organisms to survive. This contact has proven to be dangerous in the past, with injuries arising from trauma or incidents resulting in the loss of body parts or even life. The science of replacing missing pieces, especially limbs, with artificial…

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From the Beginnings of Yoga to the Present

Yoga is an ancient Indian physical and spiritual practice. The discipline includes meditation, exercises, and the use of breathing techniques. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit expression “to yoke,” and it has been uniting the universal consciousness with the consciousness of the exerciser (Carlson & Barry 130). In terms of…

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Alice has developmental dyslexia and, like most children with this disorder, has difficulty learning reading, writing, and mathematics skills (Berninger et al. 2008). Her parents can get her audiobooks for reading, draw pictures for her schedule and instructions, and use large print text for worksheets. Instead of writing notes on…

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Let me separate “PTSD” from the preceding sentence so that I have “PTSD” on one side and “How soldiers are affected” on the other. So, there’s PTSD; it affects a lot of soldiers. As a result, “how” will explain the symptoms of PTSD in these soldiers to me. Soldiers are…

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Although obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) was previously deemed an uncommon disorder, the incidence has gradually risen as more individuals around the world experience the psychiatric disease. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental illness characterized by a history of irrational impulses and obsessions. The compulsions and obsessions described above present tremendous difficulties to…

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