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The profession of a nurse is one of the most humane professions, which you can learn more about by writing a nurse essay. Most nurse essays define a nurse is a medical specialist who cares for patients and performs medical procedures prescribed by a doctor. Some essays on nurse education describe the process of receiving a license for nursing. In the US one becomes a nurse after successfully completing a nursing program or university, which may take up to 5 years. An aspiring nurse must also receive clinical training in a hospital under the supervision of professionals. These steps are followed by examination and licensure. You can learn more from our nurse essay samples. We listed some of the best essay samples on the topic below for you to check out.

Communication explained

Communication is the process of passing a message from one person to another. It has not been beneficial to the health-care system. Communication problems between members may be one of the reasons for such a situation in the health care team. The health care team is in charge of treating...

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California's Nursing Practice Act

It has been almost a century since state governments enacted legislation to protect, supervise, and defend the public from harmful nursing practices. These statutes are combined to form the Nursing Practice Act, which is enforced by state legislatures. Because the NPA alone is insufficient to govern the profession, each NPA...

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The Looming Shortage of Nurses in the California

I, Jane Doe, a registered nurse, respectfully write to request that you look into the growing issue of nurse shortages in California. As a registered nurse, I have seen firsthand the effects of a nurse shortage on health care delivery in California. We are overworked, burned out, and worried, making...

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Maxwell Wilberforce

In Missouri, I work as a registered nurse. Being one of the healthcare delivery platforms, I am writing to convey my thoughts on children's healthcare reforms. I believe that everyone should be more concerned about children's welfare because they are the future of this beautiful country, and as such, their...

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Nurse poaching meaning

It is unethical to recruit nurses from developing countries. Because these countries have a disproportionate amount of the world's diseases, they require nurses more than first-world countries. When nurses are taken from underdeveloped countries, the populations suffer. The developing countries have not taken reasonable measures to reduce poaching. Furthermore, in...

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As a nurse, it is critical to identify vital patient information that should be maintained in a common database since this information leads the decision-making process of the health professionals working on the patient's case. Despite the fact that most hospitals employ structured data input forms to collect patient information,...

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Eddie Bernice Johnson

Eddie Bernice Johnson is well-known for becoming the first registered nurse to be elected to Congress. Her accomplishments in that position have been extraordinary, as she has overcome numerous challenges in her career as a nurse and politician. She has introduced and supported numerous bills (, 2017). She represents Texas'...

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organization jeopardy - Nurse Shortage in Amesbury Health Center

Every company faces numerous types of threats that hinder its operations. Even in the most successful institutions, negative incidents can be found. The issue is how well firms take proactive measures to manage internal and external challenges and select for better changes (Baines et al., 2013). The report discusses the...

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Pages: 7

Family Nurse Practitioner in Outpatient Setting

Family Nurse Practitioner in Outpatient Environment Crucial Patient Interview Questions When did you first notice the abdominal pain? When did you first notice a lack of menstrual periods? When did you first notice vaginal bleeding? What was the duration? Have you previously had an ectopic pregnancy? Have you ever had a fallopian tube disorder? Do you...

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Role of Nursing in Healthcare Delivery

According to the nursing manager, the present trends in rising health-care costs have surfaced as a major source of concern, notwithstanding the recent implementation of various reforms. The Affordable Care Act is an example of a reform that has been implemented as a response of rising health-care expenses. As a...

Words: 1170

Pages: 5

Nursing Care across a Lifespan

Ambulatory care nursing comprises providing care to people, families, groups, populations, carers, and communities throughout their lives (Bardsley, Blunt, Davies, & Dixon, 2013). Ambulatory care nursing encompasses registered nurses' organizational, professional, and clinical engagement for the aforementioned populations seeking support in improving their general well-being or seeking care for a...

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professional life of a nurse

As a nurse, I had a hurdle when the senior nurse gave me new instructions for using the changed electronic medical recording system. As a result, these instructions contradicted what was provided in the operating and using manual for this system in taking and preserving medical records. Leadership was considered...

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