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The profession of a nurse is one of the most humane professions, which you can learn more about by writing a nurse essay. Most nurse essays define a nurse is a medical specialist who cares for patients and performs medical procedures prescribed by a doctor. Some essays on nurse education describe the process of receiving a license for nursing. In the US one becomes a nurse after successfully completing a nursing program or university, which may take up to 5 years. An aspiring nurse must also receive clinical training in a hospital under the supervision of professionals. These steps are followed by examination and licensure. You can learn more from our nurse essay samples. We listed some of the best essay samples on the topic below for you to check out.

Patient Outcomes and the Nurse-Patient Ratio

In medicine, the primary issue is how to maximize patient outcomes by delivering effective medical services (Aiken, 2014). This is highly dependent on the level of treatment patients receive in medical facilities, which is determined by a variety of factors ranging from the recipient’s perspective to the provider’s perspective. The…

Words: 874

Pages: 4

Multicultural Competence

Individuals, families, groups, populations, caregivers, and communities receive ambulatory care nursing services throughout their lives (Bardsley, Blunt, Davies, & Dixon, 2013). Ambulatory care nursing encompasses the organizational, professional, and clinical engagement of registered nurses for the above-mentioned groups seeking assistance in improving their overall well-being or seeking treatment for a…

Words: 692

Pages: 3


Within the traditional intuition, the paper focuses on addressing the nursing shortage as evidence-based practice. The current global nursing crisis is characterized by a widespread and potentially dangerous lack of trained and professional nurses who are critical to the care of individual patients and the community as a whole. Nursing…

Words: 725

Pages: 3

Why Nursing is a Good Major to Choose

A foremost in nursing provides greater opportunities no longer only for professional development, but private growth as well. To earn a nursing degree, unless you undertake an accelerated program and if you have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (B.D.N.), then you usually have to pursue another two years (2) of…

Words: 672

Pages: 3

The Shortage of Nurses

The significance of nurses in the healthcare system cannot be understated. Often, beyond the much-needed care they provide during preparation for treatment and after remedy procedures, they also play a key role in being the first to identify any problems that may occur during the length of a patient’s hospitalization….

Words: 724

Pages: 3

Inadequate Patient Care Documentation and Its Consequences in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Paper and electronic medical documents, ranging from physician and nurse notes to transliterated dictation, abound in the healthcare system. When the recording and documentation system is completely accurate and comprehensive, it works wonders in terms of displaying a patient’s medical history. To some extent, it aids in the improvement of…

Words: 1176

Pages: 5

Why I Watch Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve written several essays on why I watch Grey’s Anatomy and House of Cards, but one in particular caught my attention recently. Season 18 premiered on Sky On Demand – it’s still not on Netflix! Nevertheless, I’ll explain why I watch this medical drama. Unlike most medical dramas, Grey’s has…

Words: 764

Pages: 3

Health-Care Reform in the United States

According to Scholtz, King, and Kolb (2014), nurses’ contributions should be maximized, and federal, and state policies should be updated to ensure that American patients have access to appropriate health care services. The restructuring of the health-care delivery system in the United States resulted in scope-of-practice rules that took advantage…

Words: 1411

Pages: 6

Improving Nursing Shortfalls in the American Healthcare Industry

Nurses are imperative in the delivery of healthcare because of their proximity to sufferers compared to other healthcare providers. Their shortages can confer momentary and long-term impacts, or permanent compromise of healthcare quality and safety. The shortages are multifaceted, though they can be potentiated by human resource, systemic and structural…

Words: 1841

Pages: 7

Importance of effective communication and cultural safety in nursing practice

Cultural safety is one of the most significant concepts of provider provision. It helps in closing inequality gaps that can disrupt care provision, as well as address accessibility barriers. Unlike the expert-driven applications where the provider asserts authority via active and passive means, cultural safety calls for participation and wholesome…

Words: 483

Pages: 2

Nursing educational career 3 goals

I have to say that the decision of my nursing career has been largely the product of my past practice, which has helped me enjoy the profession over a period of time. Being the first child in my family, I was brought up by being encouraged to be responsible not…

Words: 753

Pages: 3

Analysis for Decision tree

According to Marquis and Huston (2009), the decision tree in the nursing sector is one of the several central players that serves to advise nurses on what they need. As any other decision tree in any field, it is a visual framework that encourages the investigation of possible and feasible…

Words: 462

Pages: 2

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