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The profession of a nurse is one of the most humane professions, which you can learn more about by writing a nurse essay. Most nurse essays define a nurse is a medical specialist who cares for patients and performs medical procedures prescribed by a doctor. Some essays on nurse education describe the process of receiving a license for nursing. In the US one becomes a nurse after successfully completing a nursing program or university, which may take up to 5 years. An aspiring nurse must also receive clinical training in a hospital under the supervision of professionals. These steps are followed by examination and licensure. You can learn more from our nurse essay samples. We listed some of the best essay samples on the topic below for you to check out.

Safety Risks in Mrs. F's Home

Mrs. F is faced with various safety risks at her home and these may also have a negative effect on her husband once he is out of rehab. Firstly, the house is old and has not undergone refurbishment over a long period. Subsequently, Mrs. F is at risk of being...

Words: 827

Pages: 4

My Experience as a Nurse

I wish to submit my application for the post of a nurse in your company following a vacancy announcement on the company website. I was very excited to find out that the job description perfectly fits my education and expertise, and I have confidence that if given the opportunity I...

Words: 560

Pages: 3

Effects of hospital care environment on patient mortality and nurse outcomes

This article's primary goal was to ascertain how the hospital's environment for patient and nurse treatment impacts outcomes. Numerous studies have been carried out to identify the variables that influence nurse and patient outcomes; however, none of these studies have concentrated solely on the contribution of the care environment to...

Words: 3154

Pages: 12

Improving Employee Satisfaction and Reducing Turnover Rates in Nursing Homes

In nursing homes: Investigating variables that can raise nurses' levels of satisfaction In nursing homes, nurse turnover is a major cause for worry because it has an impact on both the staff members' and patients' health. The goal of this proposal is to investigate variables that can raise nurses' levels of...

Words: 552

Pages: 3

George Marsh vs. Shearer-Quigley Hospital, Inc.

On July 7, 2014 Mr. Marsh began working for Shearer-Quigley, and on that day, a document of confirmation was also delivered. He received an employee handbook that contained rules for various parts of the company, including employment, privacy, and other policies. He acknowledged that book was in no way a contract...

Words: 850

Pages: 4

The American Nurses Association (ANA)

There are nine clauses in the American Nurses Association (ANA) constitution. Regulation 1 mandates, for instance, that nurses exercise compassion and respect for each person's innate dignity, worth, and distinctive characteristics. (American Nurses Association, 2015). All of the specifications put forth stress the nurses' ethical behavior toward the patients and...

Words: 624

Pages: 3

The Purpose of the Report - mproving Employee Satisfaction and Reducing Turnover Rates in Nursing Homes

Nursing job happiness affects the standard of care provided to patients and is linked to lower employee turnover. High-quality customer service can increase employee happiness and motivate them to stay at one station while serving clients for a longer period of time. This study seeks to identify the elements that...

Words: 2992

Pages: 11

Careers in LPN

Jobs for LPNs What kinds of occupations are available to you once you have a license or certificate? A licensed practical nurse has a variety of employment options. They consist of: hospital support personnel for registered nurses patient case evaluation in the doctor's workplace administrative tasks performed in care homes travel nursing Military healthcare These are just a...

Words: 604

Pages: 3

Compare and Contrast two Essays

Despite the fact that the two essays are addressing two very different problems, they are both similar in their writing, particularly in highlighting the thesis, the suggested solutions, and the supporting data. After describing the nursing problem, the first paper presents the paper's thesis, and the reader is made clear...

Words: 669

Pages: 3

Communication for therapeutic relationship between practicing nurse and patient

Communication and Therapeutic Relationship Communication, according to Murray, Zentner, and Yakimo (2014), is essential for developing a therapeutic relationship between the practicing nurse and the patient. It is critical for a nurse practitioner to develop strong communication skills in order to establish a working relationship with the client. As a result,...

Words: 341

Pages: 2

Domain of Nursing Practice

Knowing the domains of nursing practice ensures that a nurse operates within specified thresholds and achieves set goals efficiently. The Board of Nursing creates the realm of practice, which all nurses must follow (Perkin, Newton, & Swift, 2008). Many considerations are evaluated while determining whether actions are within the scope...

Words: 330

Pages: 2

Nurses Are Again in Demand

According to the article Nurses Are in High Demand, the demand for nurses is increasing. The shift comes after years of relative equilibrium in nurse demand and supply. Fundamentally, an increase in nurse retirements is one of the causes contributing to the growing demand (Evans, 2016). A lack of nurses...

Words: 322

Pages: 2

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