Nurse poaching meaning

It is unethical to recruit nurses from developing countries. Because these countries have a disproportionate amount of the world's diseases, they require nurses more than first-world countries. When nurses are taken from underdeveloped countries, the populations suffer. The developing countries have not taken reasonable measures to reduce poaching. Furthermore, in order to attract nurses, affluent countries use a variety of manipulative ploys such as intense salary advertising in developing-country local media. The adverts are intended to demoralize nurses who choose not to apply for these jobs in wealthy countries, which defies the ethics necessary in the health profession. This strategy of poaching has detrimental impact because it drains nurses and thus leading to the suffering of those in ‘drain affected regions’ (Singh et al., 2003)

A nurse will be attracted by the hefty pay in the developed nations and therefore prompt him/ her to leave. Moreover, nurses may want to escape lawlessness, low professional status, political instability or poor working conditions in their countries. The governments in the developing nations aren’t doing enough to address the migrations of the nurses from their countries. The nurses find it hard to resist the attractive pay package being offered as compared to how underpaid they are in their home countries. Once the nurses have gone to work abroad, despite having high remunerations, they face the challenges increased cost of living. These nurses tend to leave their people suffering from lack of proper care and thus leading to their suffering. The developed countries ensure that their people receive the best care at the expense of the patients in the developing countries.


Singh, J., Nkala, B., Amuah, E., Mehta, N., & Ahmad, A. (2003). The Ethics of Nurse Poaching from the Developing World. Nursing Ethics, 10(6), 666-670.

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