Essays on HR Management

Onboarding Training

Apprenticeship is the process where one learns from the expert in the field which varies among the different skilled individuals and across cultures and lets one gain on-the-job-training and also studies for the qualification. In many communities, apprenticeship facilitates a perfect entry point. Apprenticeship also offers essential research and an...

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Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Cox, T. H., " Blake, S. (1991). Managing cultural diversity: Implications for organizational competitiveness. The Executive, 45-56. It is an article written to prove and justify that the managing diversity in most workplaces can lead to the creation of a very competitive advantage. The arguments are based on reviews of arguments...

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Live Performance Review

Last week on 21st March, I attended a live performance for my concert review. This type of show was a live performance at the Athanaeum Theater organized by Lyric Opera of Chicago. Handing my ticket to the ticket lady, I walked into the theater. There were chrome edged boxes at...

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Gulf War Vs Iraq War

The gulf war occurred from August 1990 to February 1991 when the Iraq president Hussein decided to take over the Kuwait territory which had vast oil reserves located in the Persian fields. The war was marked by a coalition of many nations that joined the US in withdrawing the Iraq...

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Performance Evaluation

On task at the beginning of the workday/end of the workday 3 Completes work on time 4 2. Communications Listens 4 Follows directions 5 Reads electronic messages 5 Responds to electronic messages 5 Written work is stated with conventional language and spelling 3.5 3. Performance Understands and...

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Role and Scope of Top Managers in Any Organization

The role and scope of top managers in any organization demands constant interaction with their team members and developing strategies that may assist the firm to be more competitive in the industry. Importantly, managing conflict plays an important role in ensuring that employees develop critical thinking abilities and are able...

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The Importance of Human Resource Management in the Digital Era

Labour Market: Retaining and Attracting Employees According to this article, the labour market is currently intensive and complex. Organizations must, therefore, undergo vigorous adjustments to retain and attract employees. Competition for employees is high in the current dispensation. From the article under study, a summary of Josh Bersin's speech at HRD...

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Strategies to Resolve Conflicts

During my internship at Bank of America, IT Department During my internship years at Bank of America, IT Department, I worked with groups and successfully completed projects for which we (the team) received recognition and rewards from the senior managers. However, the course was not always easy as conflicts arose in...

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International Response to Sri Lankan and Nepalese Civil Wars

The Sri Lankan Civil fight was the armed rivalry between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The insurgency was fighting for the independence of Tamil state which is situated on the northern and eastern part of the island. However, the battle lasts for 26 years of...

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International Theories Explaining the Response of the United States to Russian Efforts to Undermine its Political Theory

Russia disrupted the 2016 United States election by attacking America’s intelligence agencies (Leonhardt 2018). President Donald Trump has failed to protect his country and defend United States’ constitutional rights by refusing to recognize the Russian attack. The president refused to respond to the attack or set up protective measures to...

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Theories of International Relations

World order is the power and authority distribution on the global stage by political players (Duncan et al. 30). The term "world order" may seem strange in the face of conflicting realities. Although it is assumed that states are the same in a formal sense, there are blatant inequalities between...

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The Just War Theory and The Vietnam War

According to Grotius, the only factors that should lead to a war include jus ad bellum, which involves particular conditions such as a just cause and a decision to engage in war that has come from the right authority. The other condition is that war should commence with the right...

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