Live Performance Review

Last week on 21st March, I attended a live performance for my concert review. This type of show was a live performance at the Athanaeum Theater organized by Lyric Opera of Chicago. Handing my ticket to the ticket lady, I walked into the theater. There were chrome edged boxes at...

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Exoticism in Carmen and Death in Venice

Music as a literary device has continually fused an array of styles from different cultures. The cultural fusion in music tries to portray sensual themes that are often evaded or outlawed in the contemporary society.  Exoticism is a musical approach embraced by Western composers like George Bizet and Benjamin Britten...

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The Dallas Opera Carmen Production

The play being discussed is The Dallas Opera’s Carmen which was originally written and directed by David McVicar with the assistance of Jack Furness as the assistant director. The Dallas opera also witnessed the same directors but with a slight change in the crew members but the same setting and...

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Analysis of Don Giovanni and Mozart’s Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The two videos “Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Don Giovanni” and “DON GIOVANNI Commendatore” have the same set. The videos are similar because they are based on a scene where the Commandant’s statue appears and states that he has come for dinner. The scene takes place in the dining hall inside...

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Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera is (Silent Film, 1925) Observation After seeing the silent film The Phantom of the Opera (1925), I understood various problems in our culture, including disability inequality, crime, and romance. I considered the film to be both exciting and engaging.The Phantom and Disability Inequality The Phantom, a convicted felon...

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Asian Intrusions: Opera, Society and a Dilemma

In an try to end slavery, abolitionists waged a movement towards the slave trade. The biracial onslaught against slavery proved to be successful. They made slavery hard to brush aside through their actions. Black slaves used literature or arts as a method to disapprove slavery in a variety of ways. Black slaves...

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