Essays on Rock Music

The Evolution of Classic Rock

Nowadays, people are heavily exposed to pop, rap, and electronic music. In the past, the genre that dominated the world was classic rock. Classic rock is still played today, as exemplified by the radio station called 94.9 FM. Classic rock began in the mid-1960s and continued until the late 1980s....

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The movie Artifact review

The film Artifact tells the tale of the rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars and their first steps toward learning about and filing a lawsuit against EMI, a record label. During the time of the film's setting, the band was in the process of recording new songs as a follow-up...

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Foreigner Band Qualitative Evaluation

Although a few rock bands from the 1970s survived the transition into the 1980s, it is important to remember that it was a difficult period for many acts. And if it was a difficult time for most acts, there were many singers and rock bands that endured and even thrived...

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How the Beatles Use of Drugs Impacted Their Lyrics and Society

The Beatles were a well-known rock and roll band that formed in England in 1960 and revolutionized popular music as a highly innovative and lucrative art form during the next decade (Beatdom 2015). The band was a well-known collective at the time, producing hits such as Hey Jude, With a...

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Essay On The Beatles

The Beatles: Revolutionizing Rock and Roll Music The Beatles are one of the most iconic musical forces of the twentieth century, inspiring the world and paving the way for other artists. The Beatles were a four-man band that rocked the world by revolutionizing rock and roll music. With their songs, the...

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the beat generation and the beatles

During their productive years, the Beatles had a huge influence on the American and Western European cultures. Any of their chart-topping hits can still be seen in Rock n Roll music theaters and personal music players today. The Beatles' albums, like those of other popular music artists, were influenced by...

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