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about etta james

Etta James, an American Grammy Award-winning musician, was born Jamesetta Hawkins in 1938 in Los Angeles, California to 14-year-old Dorothy Hawkins and an unnamed white father. She was adopted by adoptive parents until she was 12 years old when her foster mother, Mama Lu, died and her biological mother took...

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Live or Lip-Synch

"Not Live" is an article by Teresa Wiltz and Greg Kot that sheds light on the trendy use of pre-recorded sound, backtracks, and electronic upgrades by artists during live performances. According to Wiltz and Kot (1998), lip-syncing and pre-recorded voices replaced the beautiful live music concerts that were popular with the singers...

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Sita Sings the Blues and Ethnocentrism

Sita Sings the Blues: A Modern Ramayana Recapping Sita Sings the Blues is a modern Ramayana recapping that goes through many modes of animation, descending the story through Sita's triste personality, rescued, rejected and exiled by her husband, Rama. Nina's own comical account of the breaking-up of her marriage is contrasting...

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Beyoncé's performance at the Grammays

Beyonce’s performance of Sandcastles and Love Drought were powerful in rendition. Her performance included the use of holograms, head pieces and digital screens. She, through her performance, evoked religious symbolism from the goddess of Hindu and Virgin Mary of Christianity. The performance stunning, though she performed while being pregnant with...

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Playing the guitar is both fun and challenging

Guitar Playing Guitar playing is both enjoyable and challenging; among the musical instruments young people want to learn, it's a common preference. I might be a guitar if I were a commodity, because my life's singing and music. Whenever I am not interested in productive things such as school work, I...

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