Playing the guitar is both fun and challenging

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Guitar playing is both enjoyable and challenging; among the musical instruments young people want to learn, it’s a common preference. I might be a guitar if I were a commodity, because my life’s singing and music. Whenever I am not interested in productive things such as school work, I always go into the music of myself. In order to keep me and the people around me, I should spend all my time doing music and writing new melodies, so my family was more amused. The Oud may be my daddy, and my sister’s the lute. Other important relationships that I could treasure are with my audience because the primary intention is to keep them engaged and entertained by my music.

The favorite subject in school could be literature, and the least favorite could be arithmetic because it has nothing to do with real works and more so music. My dreams could be to make the most entertaining music that targets and is appreciated by a wide array of audiences. The major fears could be to be rejected by the target audiences that I expect to applaud and love my music while aspirations could be to achieve the most in the music career. Memorable experiences when growing up include interactions with the family members such as the Oud in learning how to work and live with other people.

The main work involves entertaining people through music, and hence work experience could involve the different kinds of melodies that I have composed for the audiences. It could as well include the different audiences that I have entertained because different people have different tastes and preferences in terms of music. My motivation is the appreciation for the work that I do. When my work is productive and gets to serve other people, I feel motivated because there is the fulfillment after satisfying other people in the society. The places that I have been to involve various destinations around the world that I have traveled. For example, I have traveled to South Africa and Brazil to entertain football fans during the past two world cup competitions.

Things that matter to me is the well-being of my associates and loved ones. If my family members are in stable conditions, I am at peace with myself. It is impossible to work without one’s associates and so if they are in stable working conditions, then it is my pleasure. If they are in deplorable conditions, I am as well not in a position to work effectively. I like myself because I do what I love most. Music is an integral part of me and hence making a living out of it makes me feel complete and self-content.

If I was to change a thing in my life, I could abolish my sleep and other leisure’s activity times and fully focus on music as both a hobby and full-time career. It is impossible to do so and instead; it is better to maintain a balance in all aspects of life. All that I want out of life is a tremendous success and touching on other people’s life. If I could manage to effect positive differences in the lives of people through my music, it could be a sense of achievement on my side. In order to achieve that goal, I am learning the art of doing my job perfectly such that I leave a mark on the lives of my audiences. Constant practice results in perfection and without a doubt, it is through perfecting my art that I will achieve my goal.

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