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Writing a music essay is like trying to capture rhythm and harmony. Jack Kerouac once said: “The only truth is music.”, and it’s hard to contradict his wisdom. Music essays explore how music penetrates all spheres of human activity. Music was created at the early stages of social development – it accompanied rituals, labor, marches, and other various activities and social events while contributing to spiritual uplift and the unification of people. Later, music became inextricably linked with literate – bard’s tales and ballads were always performed with a background melody for more emotional effect. Of course, music is also inseparable from dance. We understand how writing essays on music can be challenging, so we prepared a list of music essay samples you can check before you start writing your essay. Check all the samples of the essays below.

I Am Not Your Negro

I am Not Your Negro is with no doubt an essential documentary as James Baldwin engages in issues of life, culture, and race. In the film, Baldwin seeks to stir discussions that are cultural related and debate through articulate thoughts as well as expressions of principle. Repetitively, the film reveals...

Words: 308

Pages: 2

The Meaning of Life in 'When I am Gone' by Eminem and 'I Am Here' by Beyonce

The paper will compare and contrast ‘When I am Gone’ by Eminem with ‘I Am Here’ by Beyonce based on their meaning. The two artists composed the songs in different times each with a purpose of creating significance in regards to respect to life. A comparison is intended to make...

Words: 946

Pages: 4

Thirty Seconds to Mars Concert in Manchester

I have never been a great fan of Thirty Seconds to Mars, so I have not attended any concerts so far. However, their latest album America changed my impression about the band completely. I did not want to risk going to a concert until recently, that is why I decided...

Words: 537

Pages: 2

Analysis of the performances

One of the performances was titled “Romeo and Juliet” by Sergei Prokofiev, a ballet based on the play by William Shakespeare titled “Romeo and Juliet.” The performance of Sergei Prokofiev’s work ended differently from the William Shakespeare’s play, which had a sad ending. The performance exhibited Juliet returning to life...

Words: 584

Pages: 3

Live Performance Review

Last week on 21st March, I attended a live performance for my concert review. This type of show was a live performance at the Athanaeum Theater organized by Lyric Opera of Chicago. Handing my ticket to the ticket lady, I walked into the theater. There were chrome edged boxes at...

Words: 566

Pages: 3

The Importance of Music

I attended a traditional concert last week. This type of show was an orchestral performance at the University of Illinois’s Student Center East Theater. The stage had gold and brown lighting illuminating the instrumentalists. The rest of the theatre had a low ember glow lighting, blue that created a sense...

Words: 582

Pages: 3

Steve Albini's Speech at the 'Face The Music' Keynote Address

According to Steve Albini, addressing a congregation with information stored in his laptop while standing on a platform believes that internet had solved a lot of problems, he argues that back in the year 1993, the time he published “The problem with Music”, the major label-dominated industry was of low...

Words: 337

Pages: 2

The Influence of the United States Government on the Production of Classical-Style Composers

The United States and Classical-Style Composers The United States is one of the nations that host great classical-style composers. For example, Hector Berlioz and Richard Wagner who compose music such as folks, blues, pop and jazz styles for performance. According to Rosen (2005), the industrial revolution and the struggle for democracy...

Words: 374

Pages: 2

The Influence of Hip-Hop Culture on the Suburbs

Heading 1 Williams Wimsatt's book, Bomb the Suburbs is an inspiring book about race relations that discusses the white, middle-class male who was accepted into the world of Chicago hip-hop due to their b-boying and graffiti writings. He explains an intimate account of the conditions of hip-hop in the early nineties,...

Words: 307

Pages: 2

Analysis of Igor Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring"

Igor Stravinski's "Rite of Spring" Igor Stravinski's "Rite of Spring" is arguably one of the most controversial ballets of all time. It is popular for triggering a riot among the audience on its debut. Music enthusiasts opine that the audience was elated by the barbaric dissonance and rhythms inherent in the...

Words: 353

Pages: 2

The Sex Pistols: An Introduction to Greil Marcus' Lipstick Traces

Greil Marcus’ “Lipstick Traces” is a text that bears musical elements of the early 1970s. The “Sex Pistol” is among the first parts that the text which comprises of a music group that rose in United Kingdom. The songs and the music groups seems to protest against religion and the...

Words: 299

Pages: 2

The Documentary and The Article on Runaway Adolescents

There are many reasons why teens run away from their families. Most of the teens featured in the documentary have dysfunctional families. According to Thompson and Pillai (2006), poor communication, abuse and neglect, interfamily conflict, and dysfunction set the basis for runaway adolescents. Some of the teens are also forced...

Words: 628

Pages: 3

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