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Writing a music essay is like trying to capture rhythm and harmony. Jack Kerouac once said: “The only truth is music.”, and it’s hard to contradict his wisdom. Music essays explore how music penetrates all spheres of human activity. Music was created at the early stages of social development – it accompanied rituals, labor, marches, and other various activities and social events while contributing to spiritual uplift and the unification of people. Later, music became inextricably linked with literate – bard’s tales and ballads were always performed with a background melody for more emotional effect. Of course, music is also inseparable from dance. We understand how writing essays on music can be challenging, so we prepared a list of music essay samples you can check before you start writing your essay. Check all the samples of the essays below.

The Effects of Extra-musical Factors on Contemporary Vocalist

The research study of the most common factors affecting popular contemporary vocalist in maintaining a healthy voice and delivering successful live performances Dissertation Question Is it possible to discern the most detrimental extra-musical factors that affect contemporary vocalist and if so is the extent of their detriment be gauged in a live...

Words: 537

Pages: 2

The Importance of Musical Instruments in Today's Music Industry

The paper presents research on what it takes to become successful in today's music industry. The focus of the study will be on the need for a musical instrument as a factor contributing to success in today’s music industry. Music has existed from the start of mankind thus is a...

Words: 5014

Pages: 19

UK Government Influence on The Music Industry

The music industry has been faced with numerous challenges. However, the revenue from music shows, social events, clubs as well as gatherings has improved both the economic status of the United Kingdom, the artists as well as the music industry at large. The thesis for this paper, therefore, will try...

Words: 4922

Pages: 18

The Impact of Social Media on the Music Industry

The introduction of social media platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have created a cultural shift in the music industry with the artists embracing these platforms as a significant tool of enhancing their marketing mix. Consequently, the management of the celebrity image has become a daunting task...

Words: 4838

Pages: 18

The Current Generation of Music Consumers

The current generation and advancement in technology has changed marketing practices as well as the landscape of music consumption. Generation Y and millennial search, play, and consume different music depending on various factors such as availability and preferences (Styven 2007, p. 66). Consumption patterns and habits are more affected by...

Words: 1528

Pages: 6

Puppetry in the Modern World

The Revival of Puppetry The art of puppetry is among the industry that started many years ago. Although with time it has been perceived to have “died” due to competition from other theatre performance, this industry seems to have come back in several ways (Hossen, 2014). The puppetry comeback has been...

Words: 395

Pages: 2

Analysis of 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol

Music and Its Melodious Appeal Music is a cultural activity and an art form whose medium is sound organized in time. According to Burkhalter et al. (143), music is often arranged with familiar elements such as pitch, dynamics, sonic qualities of texture and timbre and also rhythm. These elements make music...

Words: 870

Pages: 4

Documentary Photography in Post-Apartheid South Africa

In response to the oppressive regime during the apartheid, South Africans developed an alternative type of socio-political activism, different from the street marching and protests, the use of documentary photography. The purpose of this research is to outline the role that documentary photography played in exposing the “Truth” of the...

Words: 4472

Pages: 17

The Importance of Voice in Singing

Ideally, the sound behind every singer is what defines their music to the world and is the sole foundation of their music. The paper not only focuses on looking at the challenges that come along with maintaining a healthy voice but the tips of how to improve it more. Importantly,...

Words: 521

Pages: 2

The Role of Performing Arts in Children's Development

For quite a long time, social class, particularly in ancient and medieval times, also determined children’s development. That meant that children who were ‘high-born’ or from noble families were likely to experience better physical, a cognitive, social, and emotional development than those from the low class. The social inequality was...

Words: 3861

Pages: 15

History of Trance Music

discussion of the historical development and neurological implications of trance music. The report will explored the growth of the subject through history and its use by different cultural groups throughout time to its adoption in the contemporary music scene. The article will utilise s two primary research methodologies for data collection...

Words: 4778

Pages: 18

The Role of Lyrical Devices in Communicating Meaning in Songs

Communication is identified as one of the unique features that distinguish people. Through communication, people find ways of sharing their intentions and emotions. As Werner (2012) explains, communication plays an even more important role in relaying meaning despite the mutual incomprehensibility of the parties in conversation. DeWall et al. (2011)...

Words: 4032

Pages: 15

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