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Writing a music essay is like trying to capture rhythm and harmony. Jack Kerouac once said: “The only truth is music.”, and it’s hard to contradict his wisdom. Music essays explore how music penetrates all spheres of human activity. Music was created at the early stages of social development – it accompanied rituals, labor, marches, and other various activities and social events while contributing to spiritual uplift and the unification of people. Later, music became inextricably linked with literate – bard’s tales and ballads were always performed with a background melody for more emotional effect. Of course, music is also inseparable from dance. We understand how writing essays on music can be challenging, so we prepared a list of music essay samples you can check before you start writing your essay. Check all the samples of the essays below.

Unslut – A Documentary Film

There are many reasons to watch the documentary film, “Unslut.” It is an examination of sexual sex, and the way that society uses this to shame and humiliate women. The filmmaker, Emily Lindin, examines the effect of societal sexual shame on women and girls. It is both a heartbreaking and…

Words: 298

Pages: 2

Literary Analysis of “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin

The short story “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin is a literary analysis of racism in the African American community. The work shows the gradual shedding of prejudice and its themes of music and religion. However, there are a few points that need to be explored to fully appreciate the story….

Words: 870

Pages: 4

Ludwig van Beethoven and his illustrious Musical career

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a pianist and composer of German origin. His music is greatly distinct from the rest because of their large extended architectonic designs that featured broad templates, musical materials, and motifs developed through ‘modulation’ technique (Swafford 92). The technique involved an adjustment of the home keys through…

Words: 686

Pages: 3

about etta james

Etta James, an American Grammy Award-winning musician, was born Jamesetta Hawkins in 1938 in Los Angeles, California to 14-year-old Dorothy Hawkins and an unnamed white father. She was adopted by adoptive parents until she was 12 years old when her foster mother, Mama Lu, died and her biological mother took…

Words: 1420

Pages: 6

The Story Told Through and About Music in Sonny’s Blues

The plot centers around two brothers and how they lose touch due to the younger brother’s drug use, and how jazz and music help the two brothers bond and have a greater understanding of each other. This last aspect is what makes Sonny’s Blues so beautifully exceptional, and Baldwin comprehends…

Words: 1852

Pages: 7

The Writing Skills of Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is a well-known American author who specializes in short stories and novels. Francis’s works have been described as evocative of the Jazz Era, a word he coined himself. Francis is regarded as one of the twentieth century’s best authors. Francis was a member of the ‘Lost…

Words: 2568

Pages: 10

Older LGBT adults and the societal experience

The American population is marked by a significant number of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) adults. Studies show that at least 2.4% of the population is made up of older LGBT people over 50 years of age, accounting for about 2.4 million US adults, which is projected to double…

Words: 4318

Pages: 16

What the health documentary

What the Health documentary on Netflix looks at is the connection among diet and infections. The movie, which is directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn presents discussion in certain contentions that need logical grounds. The documentary overstates information to infer their point on eating regimen related illnesses. The essential…

Words: 351

Pages: 2

The 2001 produced 52-minute documentary

This 52-minute documentary from 2001 explores various perspectives on work. In contrast to the past, when the industrial revolution provided jobs, much of it has now been phased out due to technological advancements. However, the introduction of technology has altered the nature of work, as shown by numerous facets of…

Words: 341

Pages: 2

The Jazz Influence on Flappers

The 1920s were a thrilling and enjoyable era full of cultural and fashion transformations thanks to music, especially jazz music. Without a doubt, this is a period in American history that will not be forgotten. This was the age of flappers, a 1920s generation of women who wore bobbed hair,…

Words: 1126

Pages: 5

how hip hop affects the society

Hip hop was created with the intention of uplifting, empowering, and illuminating the negative facets of culture as a driving force for social change. However, after several years and decades, these initial intentions have steadily disappeared. Musical artists have transformed the face of hip hop and rap around the world…

Words: 1452

Pages: 6

Seven Forms of Classical Music

Music is a sequential type of art that has been annotated for a long time by vibrational methods. Classical tunes are created using a variety of structures in music. The theme character is made up of tiny groups of stages that complete the musical premise. It is similar to an…

Words: 632

Pages: 3

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