Essays on Music Industry

The Effects of Extra-musical Factors on Contemporary Vocalist

The research study of the most common factors affecting popular contemporary vocalist in maintaining a healthy voice and delivering successful live performances Dissertation Question Is it possible to discern the most detrimental extra-musical factors that affect contemporary vocalist and if so is the extent of their detriment be gauged in a live...

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The Importance of Musical Instruments in Today's Music Industry

The paper presents research on what it takes to become successful in today's music industry. The focus of the study will be on the need for a musical instrument as a factor contributing to success in today’s music industry. Music has existed from the start of mankind thus is a...

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UK Government Influence on The Music Industry

The music industry has been faced with numerous challenges. However, the revenue from music shows, social events, clubs as well as gatherings has improved both the economic status of the United Kingdom, the artists as well as the music industry at large. The thesis for this paper, therefore, will try...

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The Impact of Social Media on the Music Industry

The introduction of social media platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have created a cultural shift in the music industry with the artists embracing these platforms as a significant tool of enhancing their marketing mix. Consequently, the management of the celebrity image has become a daunting task...

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The Beatles: Iconic Band

The Beatles is one of the biggest iconic forces in the music industry that inspired the world in the 20th century and paved way for other musicians. The Beatles was a four-man band that took the world by storm by revolutionizing the Rock and Roll music. The four-man band from...

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Music and Behavior

Music: An Introduction They say music is composition of vocals and instrumental sounds that make an art. Music can also be defined as the Sound, Rhythm, Beat, Stories being told or even Messages being sent. Rousseau argues that "music is the philosophy of human nature that builds their emotional behavior to...

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The Evolution of Music in the Twentieth Century

Music is one of the best approach that is used to convey message since the tone, beats and the rhythm makes it not only more interesting to the listener but also memorable .In western countries, the rate of music evolution is rapid and it has come a long way. Worldwide,...

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Essay About Rock n Roll

Despite the fact that the 1950s in America were a difficult era in the history of the nation, the rise in popularity of Rock n' Roll music during that time managed to bring about a lot of social change. Even in the twenty-first century, the shifts are still noticeable. In...

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Paul David Hewson Leadership

Paul David Hewson - A Philanthropic Musician Paul David Hewson is a 56-year-old Irish vocalist and composer. His stage name is Bono, and many individuals in the music industry prefer to refer to him as such. Aside from his passion for music and his leadership of the well-known Irish rock band...

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Cumbia in Colombia

At Columbia University, Ana Mara Ochoa Gautier At Columbia University, Ana Mara Ochoa Gautier teaches music. She has held positions as director of Music Archives in Colombia and researcher at the Institute of Anthropology and History in the past. Her research mostly focuses on the traditional music and culture of Latin...

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Music Aesthetics: Transcendent and Controlled Music aesthetics is a complex and contentious topic that can be divided into two categories: transcendent and controlled.Progressive Evolution Principles in Musical Aesthetics In the topic of musical aesthetics, the principles of progressive evolution are applicable. Richard Wagner, a musician and reformer of music, is the best...

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Bob Dylan's The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

Bob Dylan, considered one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century who is now playing an important part in the music business, is one of the few musicians who will be remembered for their role in revolutionizing the music industry. He was born in Duluth, Minnesota, in May...

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