Essays on Hip Hop

While doing research for your hip hop essay you will discover that nowadays hip-hop is one of the most commercially successful genres of music. Hip hop essays often explore its roots. Hip-hop originated in the African American and Latino communities of the Bronx, New York City, in the first half of the 1970s. Some essays on hip hop revisit early hip-hop artists of the 80s like Curtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash. Rolling Stone magazine named The Message by Grandmaster Flash (1982) was the most influential song in hip-hop history. Some of the most influential hip-hop artists of all time are Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre. Check out our hip hop essay samples below for more information about this genre. The essay samples we listed are informative and will broaden your scope on the topic.

how hip hop affects the society

Hip hop was created with the intention of uplifting, empowering, and illuminating the negative facets of culture as a driving force for social change. However, after several years and decades, these initial intentions have steadily disappeared. Musical artists have transformed the face of hip hop and rap around the world…

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American History and Hip-Hop music

Hip-hop culture emerged as an urban shockwave in the late 1970s from the Bronx, New York, as a result of global instability that allegedly ignored black Americans and Latinos. Although the Bronx was instrumental in the development of Hip Hop, it continues to be an integral part of black American…

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Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammays

Beyonce’s performance of Sandcastles and Love Drought were powerful in rendition. Her performance included the use of holograms, head pieces and digital screens. She, through her performance, evoked religious symbolism from the goddess of Hindu and Virgin Mary of Christianity. The performance stunning, though she performed while being pregnant with…

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Pages: 3

Hip-hop Intertwines Class, Gender and Race

Markedly, the hip-hop lifestyle is intricately intertwined with race, class, and gender. This argumentative essay looks into the context of them intertwining with the hip-hop culture. Moreover, it looks into the way hip-hop challenges people’s way of questioning and the ones responsible for the culture. In the past thirty years,…

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