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Music Pieces- Modern steel drums

Steel drums are a part of the percussion music genre. On Trinidad Island, during World War II, the steel drum was created. A closer examination reveals that they share similar ancestry with the African slaves who labored on Spanish fields in the sixteenth century. African slaves turned to music as...

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What Is African Music?

African music is made up of many instruments, many of which have rhythmic or melodic functions. The instruments used for rhythmic music include large gongs, rattles, woodblocks, and woodsticks. The instruments used for melodic music include musical bows and harp-like instruments. Many of these instruments are made of wood. African...

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Five Different Genres of Music and the Oldest Rum Plantation in the World

If you've never heard of Jamaica before, then you're missing out. This 2.7 million-person Caribbean island is home to more than five different genres of music and the oldest rum-producing plantation in the world. Not to mention that it has the largest beach clubs in the world. To learn more...

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