Essays on Workplace Violence

Woman Wearable: A Protection Against Sexual Harassment

With the increasing cases of sexual harassment in the Latin America, the paper focuses on a special feature in which students from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education were moved by the social problem and invented a protective garment that would generate electronic shock of up to 90...

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OSHA regulations and ANA position statement comparisons

Occupational violence is a widespread issue in health care facilities. Physical aggression, threats of physical assault, threats, verbal abuse, harassment, and antagonism are all examples. Nurses frequently suffer violence in the course of their duties in healthcare settings such as nursing homes and hospitals. Patients, intruders, coworkers, and guests are...

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domestic violence and effects of workplace in an organization

Workplace and Domestic Violence Workplace and domestic violence have a tremendous impact on the organization. Most abuse in the workplace is the product of domestic violence. Normally, domestic violence is perceived to be a private affair, but this is not necessarily the case, it has the potential to become a major...

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