domestic violence and effects of workplace in an organization

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Workplace and domestic violence have a tremendous impact on the organization. Most abuse in the workplace is the product of domestic violence. Normally, domestic violence is perceived to be a private affair, but this is not necessarily the case, it has the potential to become a major problem at the workplace (Kulkarni, Bell, Hartman, & Herman-Smith, 2013). This abuse takes the victims to their places of employment which leads to detrimental consequences on the survivor himself, his coworkers and the whole organisation in general. While domestic violence is witnessed to all types of people in an organization, women are more affected by them than men. For instance, in every four women in the U.S, one woman will be abused by her intimate partner at least once in her lifetime. For adults who are employed, the ratio of men to women who are victims of domestic violence is 1 in 5 (LaVan, Lopez, Katz & Martin, 2012). In fact, one of the causes of women’s deaths at workplaces is homicides.

Employees who are perpetrators or victims of domestic violence could lead to legal concerns, lost productivity or make the organization incur other unnecessary costs. The organization is also at risk of incident, which may have an impact on the normal working routine. Most employees are not able to work properly due to domestic violence at their places of work. Also, people who are experiencing workplace and domestic violence feel they are isolated (Kulkarni et al., 2013). They feel ashamed to work with others and have concerns that their situation will compromise their employment. As a result, they get afraid to say anything and remains dormant in the workplace.

In conclusion, when employees are experiencing violence at homes, the impacts are felt at the workplace by the organization, similarly, when there is workplace violence, the organization is affected by the violence and losses. Therefore, organizations should ensure they prevent violence among their employees in any cost.


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